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After breakfast, everyone gathered in the Shekhar's secret study where they're free from helpers eavesdropping. Though Shekhar's helpers know how to keep secrets from the outside world, something's is not for their ears.

"Storytime huh?" Jaykar tried to joke. He sighed.

"I will not apologize or be guilty of what I had done to you, Sreesha. I have done what I had to, to save my family from a monster. A family that includes you" Jaykar stated looking straight into Sreesha's eyes. His eyes held no animosity like they were a few months ago. He smiled softly at Sreesha's confused look.

"Jayanth, Gagana and I were the only survivors from Thakur's family. We were protected by a few families that include Shekhar's. Shekhar's along with Malhotra's (Nihal's) and Sharma's (Anvika's) families. The reason why these kids grew up together. They know who to protect when to protect. I was the youngest of Thakurs. A naïve and stupid boy who wants nothing but to be free and unhitched. So, I rejected a girl who was madly in love with me. That girl was none other than Rajat Verma's little sister. I thought we were just friends but....." Jaykar waved his hand unable to continue what he was about to say.

"That girl killed herself leaving a letter behind that concluded that Jaykar was the reason for her death" Jayanth continued the story while Jaykar reliving the past. "Her parents passed away within months difference unable to get over their daughter's untimely demise".

"Years passed. Everyone was busy with their lives. Bhai (Jayanth) and I got married on the same day as per your mother's orders. She knows when to use her authority. As you already know, Women of our family are Queens with or without a crown. They have the final say in everything either it is household matters or business. What they say is Law." Jaykar stated proudly. There was no disgust in his voice like before. It was not the tone he used whenever he talks about women and their rights.

"I lost my wife on the same day, " Jayanth said, staring into space.

"His bride was my sister" Yamini Thakur's voice trembled.

Sreesha was in tran

ayed his cards too well until then. It was Tej who informed Vinay Shekhar about Manoj talking to a strange man. It was then, we investigated about him. According to Manoj's mother they were just pawns in Rajat Verma's game" Jayanth concluded.

Sreesha, who was calm all along mumbled, "Why was I, a Verma and not Thakur?".

She didn't get any answer.

"If the tale you said was true, I was supposed to be Thakur but why am I not one?" She asked Jayanth Thakur.

"If you truly loved your sister, like you claimed why did you treat me like shit?" She directed the question towards Jaykar.

"If you all are here to protect me, why the hell am I hurt more than once?" She asked looking at everyone.

"Is it because I had that monster's blood in me? Or did you think that I would turn into just like him" Sreesha yelled at Jaykar and Jayanth, who didn't utter a word from the moment she started asking questions.

"He has my daughter. We did what we have to in order to save our daughter. My daughter has been living under that monster's watch from the day she was born!" Yamini said, tears rolling down her eyes. She kneeled on the floor sobbing into her hands.

"We are not even sure if she is still alive or not" she said, weeping in his husband's arms, who reached her when he witnessed her breakdown.

"Tej and Esha are twins" Jaykar mumbled, his eyes rimmed with red, with a defeated look on his face.

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