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"You and I have a lot to discuss, don't you think brother-in-law?" Tej said mockingly.

Karthik nodded understanding his meaning.

He is finally going to taste the punch Tej is going to throw at him. He was not the lean guy, he remembers when he first saw him.

Karthik gulped and nodded.

He will not defend himself as he deserves it more than anyone else.

"What do you want to discuss to my husband, dearest brother?" Sreesha mocked, grabbing Karthik's hand entwining their fingers. She raised an eyebrow at tej and started tapping her foot.

"Just business, Sister dearest" Tej responded, mirroring Sreesha's actions, rubbing his palms together.

"No one's having this so-called discussion to anyone especially not with my husband." Shoving Karthik behind her, standing in defensive mode. "I already had my discussion with my husband, so you better stay away from him, Tej" Sreesha warned seriously, making Tej narrow his eyes at Karthik, zeroing on his cheeks.

Tej was in total shock at first, then started grinning like a fool.

"I see, you really did take care of your husband di" he said dragging each word, proudly and started walking towards Karthik with evil glint on his eyes. Karthik thought, he's going to get punched in front of his whole family but all Tej did was, grabbing Karthik's chin and tsked, sympathetically.

"Ouch Jiju! That must have hurt like hell" he stated, inspecting his cheeks. Karthik understood what he is doing and stepped away from him, not before sending a death glare at him.

He was staring at the fingerprints on his cheeks. Karthik sent an accusing glare at his wife, who was scrutinizing the nearby wall with utmost curiosity like it was made of gold but not cement.

Karthik's mother, who was standing with his father jumped into the scene and took over the drama like the Queen she was.

"Oh my, my, Sreesha darling, what did you do to your husband's cheeks! It is domestic violence." She said, gasping dramatically and fanning herself frantically. Sreesha, now knowing her mother-in-law's antics hid behind Karthik knowing too well what's going to happen.

They were going to be the pawns in her game.

"It is illegal to make this artwork go unnoticed! These marks would have been so beautiful when they were fresh. I'm so disappointed in you" she started shaking her head disappointedly, making tsk tsk sounds now and then.


euniting both brothers.

Sreesha was crying in Karthik's arms, she never saw her father being emotional let alone cry for someone. She was crying for their loss. She was crying for not being a part of that happy family. She was crying for her loss.

Karthik and Tej were trying not to cry while Tej's mother was crying in the corner for she knew her husband went through hell with guilt.

"You are a bastard, you know that?" Jayanth said, pulling out of the hug. "Keep your husband away from me, sister-in-law. He's as clingy as he was in his twenties" Jayanth complained to Jaykar's wife.

"Don't drag me into your fights, Gagana and I have had enough of your antics" she said, rolling her eyes at them, wiping her tears away in the process.

"What the hell is happening here?" Tej mumbled, still in shock.

"A reunion" Karthik stated in awe.

This was the first time he saw Jayanth Thakur making jokes at anyone let alone crying. It is a rare scenario to witness a smile on his face let alone a full-blown laugh. He was laughing at the comment made by Mrs Verma... no, Mrs Yamini Thakur.

They were never Verma's but Thakurs.

Tej is a Thakur too.

Sreesha was never a Verma.

She was always a Thakur and still is.

But Sreesha wants to be a Shekhar, not Thakur and definitely not Verma.

If her father... adopted father was a Thakur, how did he end up taking Verma as his last name which is same as the man who killed her mother?

What happened twenty years ago?

Who is this Rajat Verma?

What had he done to this once happy family?

All questions and no answers yet.

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