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Karthik heard her whimper in her sleep. He reached out immediately and started rubbing her back. He wanted to kick himself for he was one of the reasons why she is in this state. If only he had enough guts to tell her truth or gave her hits little by little from the start, this wouldn't have happened. He wants nothing but go back to the past and make her fall in love with him instead and not that bastard. He was so bloody bound by his word to his duty that he had to leave Sreesha in harm's way. If only he knew that Sreesha was his intended bride a few years ago... if only he obeyed his grandmother and take a glance at the picture, she tried to present him.

If only he didn't interrupt her rant about her intended and show Sreesha picture instead. If only he was clever enough to read his grandmother, he would have known that the girl he loved is none other than his fiancé. His grandmother is the conniving old fox hid the fact that they are same and encouraged him to pursue Sreesha.

Being the brainless moron, he was, ignored her sly smirk and thought she too liked Sreesha. Who wouldn't? She's the most beautiful girl in the world.

He stilled when he heard her mumble something.

"Tell me" her voice crocked at the end.

He took her face into his hands and planted a kiss on her forehead. Good thing he had enough sense to feed her last night, her cheeks gained a little color. She was ghostly pale yesterday. It was not the first time he fed her with his hands but now he is feeling different. She's still here after knowing everything. And he couldn't ask for more.

He explained everything to her last night. From the day he first laid his on her to the day Manoj confronted him. He told her how he used to stalk her everywhere from her classes to the canteen or to her home. How Tej used to give him blank looks. How Manoj would give him stink eyes. How he was always saved by the fact he was nerd, so no one thought he was indeed stalking Sreesha but merely there for lecturers. How Nihal would tease him saying what he felt for her was not love but an obsession.

How he would be happy all day when he sees her smile or drags his day gloomily when he sees her in a foul mood. How he used to share every single detail of her to his friends both Nihal and Anvika. How Anvika would tease him saying that she would play jealous best friend card whenever

you're free from being my brother, think again".

Tej reached Sreesha in two long strides "I will kill you if you ever make me worry this way, di. Who said you're going to get rid of me? You're stuck to be my di for the rest of our lives" he warned her shaking her shoulders before bursting into tears.

Sreesha hugged him tightly and started cooing him like she always did when they were kids. He grew up too fast to take care of her. He stood strong for both of them until now. Sreesha was guilty that she is the reason he never gets to enjoy his boyhood and proud that he did it for her.

"I am not a kid, di stop cooing" he complained, wiping his tears to his shirt sleeve.

"You are always a kid to me Dumbo be aware of that. Even after you get married and have your own kids, I will still treat you like a kid" she said ruffling his hair.

"Diii" he whined, making his hairstyle right.

"Look at you whine, you are still a kid, " she said sticking her tongue at him, mocking.

And that's when the chase started, Tej started chasing her around the house while she runs away from him mocking making everyone laugh at the brother and sister duo.

"Karthi, save me" Sreesha reached Karthik and hid behind him.

Suddenly all the laughter left from Tej and he became very serious all of sudden.

"You and I have a lot to discuss, don't you think brother-in-law?" Tej said mockingly.

Karthik nodded understanding his meaning.

He is finally going to taste the punch Tej is going to throw at him.

He will not defend himself as he deserves it than anyone else.

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