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"Manoj!" the monster yelled, from the other side of the door. I know Rajat Verma would be furious by my defiance but if I stay another minute in his presence, I might end up strangling that bastard. He deserves to be rot in hell. No, one should create a special place to monsters like him.

I would have left him and his so-called mission years ago if I had any clue about what he intended to do. He pretended to be a devoted father who lost his child to a bunch of monsters. And I believed him. The monsters being Verma's who dramatically have the same surname as him.

I trusted him.

Like a fool!

Why wouldn't I?

I was a kid who lost his father and he showered all his fatherly affections on me. He was my father figure since my childhood. The idea of having an uncle overpowered my senseless senses and I became a loyal puppet in his hands. I did everything he wanted me to do including making friends with Sreesha. His words were a law to me. They still are... he has the power to ruin what's dear to me if I ever dare to defy him. Sadhika will be in too much danger if he ever gets to know about her existence. She only has me to protect her.

On the other hand, Sreesha has a whole battalion beside her to keep her away from harm's way.

She has Karthik.

A bittersweet smile graced my lips. She had changed. She's not the same Sreesha I knew years ago. She was not the girl who craved for love from her parents. The girl who was always protected by her younger brother. She's a woman now, a strong one. Now, she will not cover into darkness by her father's presence. She can decide what's right or wrong on her own. And the credit goes to Karthik Shekhar not me, and it stings like hell. Karthik mended her heart which I broke years ago.

I made her feel insecure while he secured his place in her heart.

I made her fall for me while he made her raise along with him.

I failed her in every step we took while he swept her off the feet and carried her to her throne where she belongs.

We both followed our rules by our families. While my rules made her feel worthless, he made her stronger, powerful and regal.

And that bastard made her fall in love with him as he promised years ago.

'She loves him' I smiled looking at the sky 'And she's finally happy and safe' the

everything would be alright when I get her out of her parent's clutches. They were horrible people..... no acted to be horrible as instructed by my uncle.

'He is not even uncle by blood' a voice yelled in my head. He still gave shelter to me and my mother when my father, his friend died in an accident. He took my family under his wings and protected us.. or so I thought for a while. Little did I know that he was planning to use me against Sreesha and her family all along.

It was not until the day my mother revealed the person's name who threatened and demanded us to disappear from Sreesha's life. I hated him until I get to know the reason behind his meddling in our lives. I thought he was ruining my life because of the rivalry he had with Rajat Verma. I thought he was taking business rivalry into personal lives. It was too late when I know it was never business.

And everything I thought, did was planning to do would have ruined Sreesha's life. And that my life was perfectly planned by my dearest uncle for his own selfish reasons.

It was a long-term plan. He couldn't take Sreesha away, so he took someone else from her family and manipulated them into bidding his wishes.

He took Sadhika from her family, Tej's real sister.

The one who Rajat Verma thought died in an accident.

The one who I am protecting, keeping her existence secret under my dearest uncle's own radar.

She is within his reach, but he has no bloody idea of who she was, and it would stay that way.


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