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"My f-father?" Sreesha stuttered.

"Yes" Jayanth said firmly.

"w-why?" her voice was a mere whisper.

"We can talk about this some other time, Sree. You are so pale and not......." Karthik started to say but she showed her hand to stop him. She knew he was trying to save her from grave details and to delay the inevitable. But she has the right to know who she really was and why she had been living in the web of lies until now.

"I want to know the truth, Karthik" her voice is steady, void of emotions.

So Jayanth started.

"The Thakurs are one of the most powerful families is the known truth to everyone. But what they did not know is that we belong to a very old and rare lineage of female rulers, which certainly has its own rules. For one, the women of the lineage will be treated as a Queens while the men in the family are their protectors/supporters." Sreesha was speechless. Who would have thought that she gets to mingle with a family like this?

"The first daughter of the Thakurs will inherit the entailed family wealth on their twenty-fifth birthday. She should carry the Thakur's name even after her marriage. Your mother, Gagana Thakur was the only daughter in our generation"

What kind of a fairytale am I living? Sreesha thought.

"Your mother was a free-spirited one with a heart made of gold. She was the angel of our family. She was very kind and pure and of course mischievous too. She was the founder of Gagana Charitable trust. Your mother was the founder to the trust which sponsored you, Sreesha." She now understands why the sponsorship started in her college the same year she joined.

"She used to take care of everything personally and volunteer without revealing her identity. She met Rajat Verma, who was a volunteer and fell in love with him." Rajat Verma. Is he the one who murdered her mother? She gripped Karthik's hand tightly. Why does he carry the same last name as her? She glanced at her family and met her father's eyes before she could voice her concern Jayanth continued taking a deep breath.

"He married your mother secretly, a fake marriage which was not registered legally and abandoned her as soon as he knew that she was pregnant. Your mother was blindly in love with him, but she never revealed anything about her family. It was too late when he got to know about your mother being heiress of Thakurs and that she


Same Time, Somewhere far away from Sreesha

A man in his late fifties held his son's neck firmly and clashed him to the nearest wall, his nose flaring with immense anger. His eyes held menace. His free hand crashed into the younger man's nose making it impossible for the man to breath.

"I told you, I warned you, I forbid you to not to touch any of Thakurs or Shekhars or even Verma's after your failure. Did I or Did I not?" his voice was steely which sent shivers down the spine of the younger man.

"I warned you time and again to never intervene with my plans" his grip hardened around his neck making the younger man choke on the air. With one hard push, he threw him to the corner of the room.

"Answer me, you, worthless scum! I have been planning and building a solid future for you and what did you do?" his voice grew stony "You have gone and almost ruined your perfectly planned future. Do you have any idea the death of Sreesha Thakur would have done to you? To me?" his eyes frosty.

"Uncle!" he heard someone say and snapped his head towards the door glaring daggers at the man who dared to interrupt him. "You are responsible for everything. I told you time and again to not let him out of your surveillance. Do you have any idea what mess he almost dragged into?" he yelled at the newcomer.

"I will talk to him uncle" the newcomer answered patiently.

"If only......." The old man stopped himself.

"My mother is not a coward" he finished the sentence for him and left closing the door firmly behind him.

"Manoj" the old man yelled at him.

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