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Karthik knew it is time for them to join others and deal with the consequences of before day's mishap, but he was dallying the inevitable. He just stood in the balcony watching the reporters swirl around their home. Sighing tiredly, he stroked his eyebrow.

"Shouldn't we meet our family and let them know that I am doing fine? Mom and dad must be worried about me" Sreesha queried, snaking her hands around his waist before resting her head on his back.

He took her interlinked hands to his and dropped a kiss on each of her fingers. Sreesha returned the gesture by kissing his shoulder and turned him towards her. She can sense that something is terribly wrong and that he is tensed because of what happened yesterday or what they must face today.

She promised herself to be openminded and let him explain and not to judge.

For her, he is more important than anyone and his love can heal whatever scars she may receive today or in future.

"I love you" he whispered, securing her in his arms. They just stood there, relishing each other's presence. She kissed his chest and titled her head to rest it on his heartbeat. This will be her place for the rest of her life.

"Just remember I love you and will do for my rest of my life. And that my feelings for you are genuine despite the situation. Never doubt my love for you, Sree. That is all I ask from you. I can take anything but that. I may not be able to recite poems for you or do the filmy stuff you always wished for but my love for you is true and will remain the same till the second I take my last breath" Karthik mumbled with his lips attached to the nape of her neck.

"I will not doubt your love for me ever, Karthik. I did not mean what I said yesterday. I was so hurt by the revelation and wanted to feel you the same. I know I am stupid to say those words but my insecurities got the best of me. I am very sorry for the nonsense I uttered. I am not the perfect girl, Karthik and I am never planning to become one because I know you will love me the same even if I am a complete mess. You made all my insecurities turn into my strengths. I know whatever it is you're going to tell me will not be simple because if it is, you would have told me way before. But I will be there to listen to everything you say and follow you to anywhere

" Karthik said, removing his hand from her grip and snaking it around her shoulder. He could feel her energy draining. She did not eat anything since the before day's morning and he is well aware that she is in no state to receive the news about her father.

"Who is she, Karthik? Why am I feeling this way?" Sreesha asked him faintly.

"She is your mother, Sree" He said holding her to him.

"M-mother? M-my mother?" She asked pointing the finger at the portrait. He nodded positively.

"I am her daughter?" she asked gasping for air.

Karthik dragged her to a chair and made her sit on it, with his hands still on her hands balancing her.

"She- She is my mother" It is like she is in a trance. She keeps on repeating the same sentence again and again.

"She is my real mother" she nodded to herself.

"She would let me call her mama, right?" she asked Karthik who was so close to tears.

"Y-yes, you can call her, Mama" he replied her trembling a little.

"Where is she, Karthik? I want to meet her. Let's go. Is she in your Uncle's place?" she rained questions on him.

"she-" a sob escaped from her mother-in-law. She is now crying so loudly in her father-in-law's arms.

"We can't go to her, Sree" Karthik said slowly, his voice was thick with emotions.

"Why? Why can't we go to her?" Sreesha raised her voice with so much irritation in her voice.

"Because she was killed by a bastard nearly two decades ago" Jayanth Thakur shouted at her.

"W-who?" she uttered with so much difficulty.

"Your father"

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