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When Sreesha woke up from the deep slumber it was already night. She looked around to find her husband, but he is nowhere to be seen. Panic rose in her heart, she couldn't think rationally at the moment and started trashing from the bed until she heard a voice asking her to stop.

It was her husband. She slowly followed his voice and saw him hovering over her. Relief washed over her when her eyes met his. She pulled him to her, hugging as if he was her lifeline.

It is true.

He is her lifeline just like she is his.

They need each other.

They complete each other.

There is no meaning for one to live if the other disappears.

That is how strong their love is and will be forever.

Sreesha checked Karthik thoroughly to see for any trace of injuries when s

in and again with just one of her heart-stopping smiles.

Sreesha was lost in his eyes. She can't get enough of him. Her husband is the most perfect guy in the world and she is so lucky to have him love her unconditionally.

She reached out for him and he is so happy to oblige his wife. She held his face between her palms and traced his cheeks where the traces of his dried tears were and kissed both the cheeks.

She kissed his forehead tenderly relieving the frown on it. He exhaled a deep breath in content. Looking at him tenderly, she brushed her lips to his.

Karthik took the hint, she wants him in control. So ever the dutiful husband acquired the chance effortlessly and started his invasion.

He invaded her body, mind, heart and soul.

He invaded HER.

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