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Third Person:

The people in the mansion did wait for their arrival, but they were nowhere to be seen. Karthik's parents were worried, wreck while Sreesha's parents were not taking their eyes off the door.

Tej has been tapping his foot annoyed by his helplessness. He called Nihal to track their mobile phones, but it was useless. His eyes sparked when he remembered something.

Hearing the car horn, they all sighed in relief, but it was short-lived when they saw Jayanth Thakur instead of Sreesha and Karthik. Watching Mr Thakur stalking their way made Sreesha's mother tensed, but her father did not flinch or back down.

"You did not keep your word" Jayanth nodded at JayKar Verma sternly.

"Unlike you, I have four to protect" Jaykar added curtly without an ounce of emotion on his face.

Vinay and Malini Shekar smiled at the reunion but did not say a word to interrupt. It was the most awaited reunion, to say the least. They knew the distance that created between them would not be cleared with the snap of the fingers, but there was always a hope for the start.

"Where are they?" Jayanth asked turning around to face Vinay Shekhar, but all he got was silence. A silence which he never liked. He looked into the eyes of the very man that was responsible for the protection of the princess of this house.

"I'm asking you again, Shekhar. Where the hell are they? They should have been here an hour ago." He demanded him grabbing Vinay's shirt collar.

"We tried reaching them Jay, but we are not able to reach them" Vinay explained trying to get out of his hold.

"What do you mean by that?" he stalked towards him with a predatory glint in his eyes. He was never the one to accept failure.

"We are sure that they entered our territory. We got that news an hour ago. If anything, they should have been here thirty minutes ago." He gulped taking a step back.

When he was about to say something, he heard Tej speaking to someone on the phone.

"Escort them to Shekhar's mansion" he heard Tej say and raised an eyebrow at him.

"The car they were using was blasted" everyone gasped except Thakur "And they are safe and will be arriving shortly" he added looking straight into Thakur's eyes nodding, making everyone sigh in relief.

Jayanth eyes shone with pride looking at Tej. He knew his judgement never fails.


"The people in the mansion can wait" thought Sreesha leaning into her husband's touch making him groan in agony with the sheer torture she was swirling i

ght of her parents snapped her eyes open.

She needs to know who her parents were before she dies.


She shrieked at the first bullet that hit at her side of the window. She hugged Karthik with the fear of losing him.


Karthik sighed in relief as the lady and the luck both on his side. He saw Sreesha fingers slowly tracing the necklace, which was a gift from Jayanth Thakur himself. He was sure there would be a tracking device in there.

He looked at the watch and noted the time and glanced through the window to find a figure pass through. He calmly grabbed his wife near him and closed her ears knowing fully well what is going to happen.

He counted one to ten in mind when the gunfire started. It just took a few seconds to kill every intruder in the territory and mere minutes to clear the scene.

This would not have happened if they didn't stop here, he thought before shaking Sreesha.

He panicked when she didn't move. He checked her heartbeat and sighed in relief. He almost had a heart attack thinking that she was shot.

Ron, Sreesha's bodyguard, knocked on the door signalling that everything is clear. When the door was opened, he offered to help with unconscious Sreesha in his arms, but one glare from Karthik is all it took for him to retrieve his offer.

He carried her to the other car waiting for them and placed her beside him and signalled everyone to leave the car behind.

Just a few seconds after they passed the area, the car they have been travelling blasted.

He was not a dimwit to think of travelling in the same car which was under the hold of enemies even if it is for a few minutes.

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