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Third Person Pov:

Tej reached his parents' house after receiving a call from Karthik who asked him to assemble both of their families in one place. When he arrived at his home, he was greeted by a cheerful version of his mother chatting animatedly with his smiling father. He double-checked whether he was in a wrong house. But no, he was in the very same house in which he lived his entire life.

His house used to be calm, if it's not, then it would be his father's voice roaring around the house demanding for something or other when he was angry at someone. Unfortunately that someone would always be his sister. He took a step back to knock so he could make his presence known but he knocked down a vase, which shattered into pieces gaining his parents' attention.

What happened next, doubted his entire family life. His parents masked their cheery attitude with glum faces. They knew that he saw them and there is no reason left to pretend anymore.

His father was the first person to break the silence "What are you doing here? I thought you left us to take care of your boss" his voice roared. Usually, Tej would pretend like he wasn't affected by his father's voice, but today he's positive that he was not afraid of his father.

The reason was still unknown to him.

Clearing his throat, he said, " I want you both to come with me to Sreesha di's house".

"Is she okay ?" His mother asked genuinely concerned, she immediately masked her face emotionless "I mean why do we have to be there? I'm not interested" she added shrugging.

"Yeah, Why? She must have done something to anger her husband or her in-laws. I swear if she did something stupid, I'm not allowing her in this house, consider she's dead" his father said morphing his face into the void of emotions as well.

"If it is, I'm not going too. She must have done something wrong. She-" Tej cut his mother off saying "Stop it! You both are coming with me and solve the mess you created! I love my sister even though she's not biologically mine!" Tej yelled, which made his parents rooted in the same place. No words exchanged between them. An eerie silence filled the room, and the only sound audible was from the 80's wall clock hanging on the wall.

Tej continued "I'm not going to ask you why, not now, not here. But you have a lot of explaining to do.... to Di who suffered enough through her entire childhood. Just come with me and clear this mess, it's not too much to ask, is it?" His mother was too stunned to utter a word, but her eyes said a different story. She was afraid of the danger that would knock on their door any moment from now. She was afraid that the danger would crumple her daughter's happiness.

Yes. Her daughter!

"Let's go Yamini, it's about time, " his father said gesturing towards the front door.

"What if -" he cut her off saying "we've done what we could, but it is time to fight back, " he said rubbing her back.

Witnessing his father's unusual behavior, Tej stunned. He was used to his father's dominance, rude and beast-like attitude but never in his life witnessed his father's eyes filled with warmth, love and affection. Why now? What happened to change his nature towards his mother? Why was his mother had terrified expression on her face?

fought for dominance for a while, when his hand reached my exposed waist tracing and pinching it, I lost it. I gave into him and let him lead me.

"If this was the way you're going to let your anger out, I should start making you angry every second of our lives, " he said leaning his forehead on mine.

"You won't be fortunate to get a kiss next time. I might end up killing you for thinking about leaving me. I'm so much in love with you Karthik, can't you freaking see that in my eyes? Or are you too blind to figure out my feelings for you or are you too ignorant about my feelings towards you? A blind could see and tell I was in love with you. I fell for you the moment you said that you would wait for me until I was ready and that you were sorry for not asking for my consent about our marriage. I trusted you even when I saw a girl in your arms, and I know you would never cheat on me. Even though it had been a few days of our marriage, I trusted you around Anvika and Julie because I know the look on your face when you look at me is far most different when it compared to the way you look at the other female population. All I wanted you to do was trust me in return; I would never think about leaving you, Karthik let alone cheat on you. Is that too much to ask ?" I said hitting his chest repeatedly.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry " he said eat time I hit him, he didn't stop me.

"The feelings I'd for Manoj were not even remotely equal compared to how I feel about you. I'm not even sure if I loved him back then. I was too engrossed in a bubble of happiness that there was someone that would love me. I was too desperate about the feeling of being loved. I thought I was in love with him, but I'd no idea what love was until I meet you. You showed me what love is and how incredible one would feel being in love. I'm not only in love with you but our family too. Get this through your thick skull Karthik, and you're never going to get rid of me even if you want, you're stuck with for the rest of your life" After my long speech I found my husband's mouth hanging open. I reached his chin pulling him for another kiss.

The people in the mansion could wait...

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