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Sreesha Pov:

"Karthik" I tried to gain his attention which he ignored while tapping his phone.

"Oh Siri, this is Sadhika. Sadhika this is Sreesha and Karthik" Manoj said introducing the mystery girl, who frowned hearing my name.

"It's her" she whispered taking a step back.

"What are you talking about?" Manoj asked reaching for her.

"No-nothing. I...I'm going to uh Disha di's house. I...I'll be back after a week?" She said stuttering.

"Disha? But..." she cut him off saying "oh look, di's coming towards us... I...I'll call you later okay? Bye" she said in a baby-like voice trying hard to get away from here.

"But I thought we could have dinner and-" again she cut him off saying "I'm going with Disha di, I don't want your food, " she said stubbornly, jealous was clear in her tone. Manoj was about to say something, but she stopped him saying "I'm going. Di's is waiting. Bye" she said sparing a glance or should I say glare at me? With that, she ran to her friend leaving a very confused Manoj behind.

"Sorry. This is the first time she behaved like this. She must be having a bad day or something." He explained looking at us. I nodded smiling knowing the reason "Yeah.. she was crying, right? But for what?" He asked, to which Karthik shrugged.

"Why is she behaving like a kid ?" I blurted out. A flicker of anger crossed his eyes "Sorry" I apologised immediately.

"She had an accident a few years ago and lost her memory. Even though she's in her 20's, she behaves like 13 yr old. Doctors said that her mind struck at her 13th birthday" he said sighing."We have a flight to catch in 2 hours. If you don't have any plans we should get going" Karthik said curtly checking the time on his watch.

I want to say how sorry I'm and beg for his forgiveness for doubting his love for me. But this is not the right time or place.

"Five minutes" I mumbled, He nodded curtly walking towards our car.I shook Manoj who was still looking at the way Sadhika left "She's beautiful" I said trying to make conversation. He nodded.

"Where is Karthik ?" He said searching around.

"He said that he would wait in the car. It's time to go" I said nodding at his retreating figure."I'm so happy for you Sree, " he said sincerely "Even though I'm a bit jealous of that lucky Idiot, he deserves you. I thought I would never let you go. If we ever met but look at me now, I'm so hap


"Hey, it's going to be okay alright?" I said remembering the words she mentioned.

"You know all the people here think I'm weird except my Manny. He's a good man. He cooks for me, he plays with me even though all the mean guys told him not to... and" I tuned her voice out, whoever this Manny guy, he treated this girl well that is why she's not able to take in when she saw someone else in his arms.

She was snatched away from my hold by ..... none other than... Manoj?

Manoj is her Manny?

And the girl she hates is Sreesha?

Can this situation will be anymore.... what to say? Dramatic? Embarrassing? Awkward? Whatever it is, I'm more than relieved that the girl is no longer crying in my arms.

I stole a glance at Sreesha. She was smiling at Manoj and the mystery girl.

"Oh Siri, this is Sadhika. Saddy this is Sreesha and Karthik" he introduced the mystery girl. I nodded.

I said I'll be waiting in my car and left them alone when Sree told she would join me in 5 min. I couldn't help but look at them each and every second.

I couldn't shake the voice back in my head repeating what happens when she chose to be with him?

If it makes her happy, there is nothing I could do than repeat the history. I promised her well-wishers that I'd keep her happy no matter what... if her happiness belongs here, with him, who am I to say no?

A lone tear escaped from my eye. I shouldn't let my emotions rule me in this situation. God, I love her so much! Once everything settles, and when I know no one's going to hurt her anymore, that day I'll let her make a decision.

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