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Karthik Pov:

"Karthik ?" her voice came out as a mere whisper as if she was fighting herself to talk. I know, I should've told her before our marriage or at least when she met her father. But I know she wasn't ready to face all these things... yet. She needed to be strong emotionally. She would be an emotional mess if she knew how they took her away and how she ended up with Tej and his parents.

A shatter of glass brought me out of the reverie. She knocked down a glass while trying to get up. Her face was pale, and she was trembling like a leaf, the Sreesha I witnessed a few hours ago was gone. The bubbly and cheerful Sreesha is not there anymore instead a vulnerable one replaced her. Whose eyes were showing nothing but emptiness? The love for me was replaced by hurt.

"Sree" I try to get her attention, her back was facing me.

"You knew" she accused.

"Yes, " I said closing my eyes.

"How long ?" She asked.

"From the day we met in your house, " I said clenching my teeth. It hurts me knowing what she is going through right now.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She turned with an emotionless mask on her face.

"I was about to-" she cut me off by yelling "when were you planning to tell me? Huh? Did you even consider to tell me or you want to bury this so-called truth? You did nothing but keeping things from me while asking me to trust you at the same time. And I did. I did trust you, more than anyone, more than myself" she whispered the last part.

I tried to reach her, but she backed away like she doesn't want me anywhere near her.

"Do you even love me or it was just an act ?" She asked me looking into my eyes, it hurts. Those words hurt more than a knife could do. The person whom I loved my entire life was asking me if my love for her was true.

It hurt me like hell.

That is when I stopped reaching for her. She doubted my love for her. Is it her fault? I did hide a lot of things from her, but with good intentions. To keep her safe.

I turned to see her only to witness my worst nightmare, she's in his arms while he was consoling her. She is a sobbing mess but all I could think about the olden days. It felt like déjà vu.

The same thing I witnessed when we were in college. Tears threatened to fall out of my eyes, but I couldn't do that to myself. I can't humiliate myself anymore.

"I'll wait outside, " I said sighing dejectedly turning around to leave.

"She will be there in a few minutes, " he said.

I nodded before leaving them alone.

I messed up.

No. I'm a mess.

What if she chooses him again?

Sreesha Pov:

My biologica

y husband. Who wouldn't? He's such a caring husband I love him to moon and back" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"I'm happy for you Siri, " he said with a genuine smile. Guilt consumed me for thinking wrong about him.

"All you have to do is, trust him, " he said supporting me to stand up.

"I want to be happy for you too, Manoj, " I said giving him a small smile "you need to move on" I added.

"Now I know that you're happy, I will try to move on but promise me you will be my friend forever, " he said taking my hands into his.

"I will. But on one condition." I said seriously.

"What is it ?" He asked nervously.

"I want all my portraits. Every single one." I said fidgeting with my fingers. I know his works worth a lot, but he can't move on with my paintings near him "And you have to promise me you will never paint me unless it is with my husband and I want one now" I demanded.

"I know what you're trying to do" giving me a half-smile "Give me your current address I'll send all these paintings to you. Now let's go and find your husband before he ends up killing me" he said winking at me.

"Yeah. Let's go" I said walking towards the door.

"What the-" Manoj said looking at something in front of him.

But I knew better than to think; otherwise, my husband stood there consoling some girl while she was crying. Before I know what is happening Manoj took the girl into his arms and started examining her face and hands...

He cares for her.

The look on his face was the same look that he used to look at me when we were in a relationship.

So he doesn't have to look for a girl, after all, she's already in his life. All he has to do is realise his love for her.

And Karthik looked relieved?

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