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Sreesha Pov:


This can't be him!


"No!" I yelled.

"Why are you here? Aren't you done ruining my life? Why are you still trying to hurt me? What do you want?" I yelled at him clutching Karthik's sleeve like my life depends on it.

"Siri?" He called again like he's still oblivious to the fact that I'm indeed in front of him. Or was it just an act?

He was the one who is stalking us right? Then why is he acting too shocked by my presence? Didn't his minions pass the message to him that we're in Shimla? Was he trying to prove that he is innocent? But, what if he is? Why did he have all my paintings in his house?

"Don't call her that!" Karthik growled pulling me out of my self-questionnaire. "Its Mrs Sreesha Karthik for you" he added sending him a steal glare.

"Mrs Sreesha Karthik?" He mumbled, "You're Married?" This question directed to me but what got my attention was hurt is evident in his voice.

Why? He was the one who left me after taking my innocence right. And not to forget the stalking thing... even though I pretend to be strong around Karthik, the stalking thing scares the hell out me whenever I find a piece of paper which is addressed to me saying how they were going to get rid of me. The thought was enough to send shivers down my spine but not in a good way.

"Don't play innocent card now Manoj, we know it was you. But all I... we wanted to know is why?" Karthik voice roared making me flinch.

"What are you talking about? Wait.... Aren't you the guy who used to stalk her? Do you finally got the balls to ask her out?" Manoj said half-smirking.

"Don't you dare pretend Manoj! We know you're aware of the fact that we're married and We already know you're the stalker and trying to plot against me. So, DON'T YOU EVER DARE" Karthik said clenching his teeth.

"Again! What the hell are you talking about? Stalking? Plotting? What are you playing at Karthik? So you said all those things to her to make her fall in love with you? That's low" Manoj yelled.

"You bastard" Karthik lunged at Manoj and punched him square in the jaw. I stood there watching them fight with my jaw touching floor. I came back to my senses when someone shook me yelling to save their boss. Dhanush. I almost forgot that he's still here.

"Ma'am please stop them, I'm sure they would listen to you" he said pleading with his eyes.

I started pleading Karthik to stop all this and we'll discuss this like civil people, but all my pleas fall on deaf ears. I took a deep breath yelling "STOP IT" this time they stopped fighting.

"Can we talk

she thought he would leave without a fight "but, let me fetch Sreesha. So, we could leave together" that did it.

"No way! She's not coming with us. Didn't you hear me before? No one should know about our move. Especially that girl" her voice was full of venom now.

"Mom, why are you behaving like this? You too love her right? You told me she was the right girl for me. Then why? Mom, tell me what happened ?" He pleaded to her.

"No. This is all because of her. I can't risk my son's life"

"My life is at risk? Ma-" she cut off him saying "we're leaving and that's final"

"No. I'm not leaving. Ma, I can't leave her. She is my life. Life without her would be hell. She is the best thing that ever happened to me please don't do this " he begged her falling on his knees.

"At least you will live and that is all I needed. If you refuse to obey my wish, I'll take away my life in front of you. Tell me, do you want me to die ?" She blackmailed him taking a kitchen knife in her hand.

"Ma! No. I'll do as you say. Please put the knife away" he tried to convince her.

"Not until you go and break up with her. She should think that you're never in love with her and this was just an act. Go Manoj" she demanded. Manoj was shocked would be an understatement. Never in his dreams, he thought his mother would speak this heartlessly.


"Just do as I say, Manoj. I'm giving you 30 minutes to reach home and leave or else.. you know the consequences. You know your mother keeps her promise no matter what" She said pointing to the door.

He stuttered out of his home to reach his destination.

His love.

His life.


Little did he know that he was being watched by the devil himself.

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