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Sreesha Pov:

"Sh-Shimla?" I stuttered.

"Yes, my dear wifey, we're going to Shimla, " he said smirking.

"How?" I never told anyone about my undying love for Shimla, not even my friends. Then how the hell he got to know about this?

"How what?" He said feigning innocence.

"Don't act smart, Karthik" I warned him.

"Why should I try to act when I already am, " he said winking "God, you ask too many questions woman, let's go before we miss the flight" he added dragging me with him.

When I stepped on the land that I always dreamt of, I found myself grinning ear to ear tugging my hand somebody started dragging me to the exit sign. Soon enough we're sitting in a car with me drooling over the view. I didn't utter a word after landing and never glance at his side, I nearly forgot that I was here with Karthik. I turned to him giving a small guilty smile.

"Glad you decided to acknowledge me, I thought you forgot me" he grumbled glaring at me.

"It's your fault to take me here with you, I can spend rest of my life here playing with the snow and admiring the view, " I said dreamy look.

"What is so special about this place anyways?" He asked.... no more like demanded.

"I don't know, but I have a thing for snow, I always wanted to visit Shimla, " I said faking a smile.

"Why Sree? Why this place? I always thought you would want to go other countries, actually I planned to take you Italy and then Paris" he said shaking his head.

"Then what changed your mind?" I asked him curiously.

"Tej" he answered in one word.

"How the hell did he know about this, I never mentioned this to him, no one knows, " I said shaking my head trying to remember if I ever told Tej about Shimla.

"He may or may not read your diary years ago?" He said more like a question.

Oh God! My dairy? I kinda tore and burned every page of my dairy after Manoj left me and swore to myself not to write anymore.

"B-but I d-destroyed it, " I said more to myself.

"About that, he might have stolen your bucket list before you destroy it?" he offered, scratching his head nervously.

My Bucket list?

My eyes went wide when I realised how silly the list could be "Please tell me you didn't read it" I asked him desperately.

"No. He didn't give me the list and said he will tell me what to do when it is needed" he said pouting "I want to know what is in it and I want to fulfil all your wishes" he adde

e you Sree, I loved you from years now. I didn't tell you before because I thought you would freak out at the sudden revelations. Now, is the time to ask you something which I never had a chance to do it on our engagement day, Will you be mine forever Sree?".

Sreesha Pov:

"Will you be mine forever Sree?"

"Sree, please tell me something or anything... your silence was killing me, " he said shaking me a little.

"This is not a dream?" The words left my mouth involuntarily.

"God, how could you think this was all a dream? Here I was kneeling in front of you like an idiot and you think you're dreaming? Sree, I'm serious about what I said earlier I LOVE YOU and I'm asking you again WILL YOU BE MINE FOREVER?"

"Yes yes yes a billion times yes stupid, do you even have to ask me? I love you so much " I said hugging him.

"You love me?" He asked a little surprised.

"No, did I just said I love you? Nahh... I loved Mahesh babu" I said smacking his head.

"Who the hell is he? You are mine" he said slipping the ring on my ring finger before crashing his lips on mine.

"You're mine" he chanted between every kiss we shared.

His every touch, every kiss, every whisper of love, every bite, every mark on my skin made me fall in love with him again and again and again.

That night he showed me how much he loves me and I loved him with the same passion. With our breathes mingling, our heartbeats racing and our souls claiming what is rightfully theirs.

Before we slip into dreamless sleep he mumbled "who is Mahesh Babu?" to which I laughed enjoying his jealousy.

I know I'm evil.

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