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Karthik Pov:

When all the girls, including my wife playing with Ved's life, all of us guys were hiding in the next room to watch his misery. We're stifling our laughs when he started complaining about how evil the three of them are. But damn, Sree was so hot when she's warning him.

If only this day ends soon.

"My wife is so hot giving all these threats" I wondered loudly, which earned me a smack on my head from Tej and a teasing smirk from Nihal.

"Don't talk about my sister like that in front of me" Tej warned glaring at me while I just rolled my eyes at him.

"You guys can come out, you too monkey" Anju yelled at us, most importantly at Nihal, using her nickname for him, which suits him more than his actual name. He muttered a string of curses under his breath saying how much of a spoiled brat Anju was.

I dragged both Tej and Nihal to where the girls making Ved's life miserable. It's not like he doesn't deserve that though.

I would never forget the day we first met. He literally fooled me by giving me the impression that he was back here to take away Sree from me. I would like to watch his misery all my life. That would be the best revenge ever.

"As if you're Miss. India" Nihal mumbled glaring at Anju who was watching Ved with an amused look. Ved started pleading or should I say cursing all of them giving them a lecture about corruption in India.

Thank god, they are not there on my wedding night. Who knows how uncomfortable it could have been? They could've eaten me alive. Just thinking about the situation made me shiver thinking about Anju's evil plans.

When Anvika slipped the master key into Ved's hands it took less than second for him to sneak into his room when the three evil girls scrutinizing her by their looks.

"Okay now, all girls in one room and all boys in another" Veni ordered, it took me a few seconds to sink in what she just said.

I was about to protest but Anju warned me about not helping me with the surprise I planned for my Sree. When Sree questioned me about it, I kinda told her half-truth that is sending Ved and Niya to Paris. They left sassily linking their hands to each other leaving us behind.

"Dude, stop drooling over your wife" Nihal teased smirking.

"And you stop drooling over my sister's best friend, " Tej said glaring at him.

"As if you're not doing the same with my best friend, " he said emphasising my best friend.

"Eww, why would I drool over my jiju? For your information, I'm straight" Tej half-yelled.

"You know very well whom I was talking about, " he said gesturing Anvika's retreating figure.

"I did not drool over her. Why would I? She was 3 years older to me" Tej half-yelled.

A thud sound pulled us out from the awkward conversation but we stilled when we realized who it was.


She stood there for a few seconds with a blank look. Then she bends down to pick something she dropped. Money? The money Ved

said emphasizing each word.

"We? Where are we going? " she asked innocently.

"To hell" I said frustrated. Why can't she understand what I'm doing?

"Hell? I'm not interested to go there. You go ahead and enjoy while I wait for you here. Say hi to Lord Yama for me okay?" She said seriously with a smirk on her face.

"You knew it already?" I stated.

"Took you so long to you to figure out, " she said sticking her tongue out.

"How the heck do you know? I planned everything secretly no one other than our friends and parents know about it, not even your bodyguards" I said running my hand through my hair. She laughed at me like I'm some joker.

"Mom called me this morning and said be careful and gave me a to do and not to-do lists. What I'm not aware was the place we're going" she said in one breath.

"Mom" I growled. She knew that it was a surprise for Sree yet she has to open her big mouth and ruin my efforts.

"So tell me, hubby, where are you taking me?" She asked me with a smirk.

"You know all the way, Then why were you acting like you don't know anything, " I asked her to know why in the world she acted so innocently a while ago.

"I didn't want to ruin your excitement and the idea of surprising me but you've to act cocky and ruin the moment" she muttered.

"I was not being cocky okay? Umm I.. I was a bit nervous" I mumbled.

"Aww you're so cute" she said pinching my cheek "so tell me again, where are you planning to take me?" She added widening her eyes and pouting her lips making it hard on me.

"Shimla, " I said smirking "tease all you want right now, you would never get a chance again for three days" I whispered way too huskily making her shiver. She opened and closed her mouth like a fish to say something but nothing came out.

I'm so proud of myself for making her speechless.

"Let's go before we miss the flight" I added dragging her with me.

Let's hope everything would go as I planned.

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