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   Chapter 37 Chapter 37

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Sreesha Pov:


Weird was the only word I could think of at the end of the day. Somehow Anju and Anvika ended up having Nihal and Tej's names in their Mehandi filled palms.

Anju and Anvika had the same expression as us when they realised about this. From the looks of Nihal's smirk, we could easily find what is the secret behind Nihal's name in Anju's hand. But what about Anvika? There is no way that either Tej or Anvika act like that because let's face it, they can't even talk with each other without feeling awkward, all they do was looking at each other with googly eyes.

That night Anju took her revenge by applying Mehandi on Nihal's hand when he's sleeping. Which leads to quite a show on the next morning. The day ended before we know with all the dance practice as that evening was 'sangeet'. Veni arrived in the evening with Aadhya but not Arjun as he was 'busy'. Everyone knows that it was not true but no one questioned her and tried our best to let her enjoy our monkey business.

That evening sangeet started with mom and dad's dance mimicking Ved and Niya and then the couples dances. People who expected Karthik and I's performance would be more sensual than others were proved wrong by Tej and Anvika's performance. They have amazing chemistry between them. If only they could make a move... Anju and Nihal performed a song teasing each other. And Veni performed a group song with all of us warning Ved to be careful with Niya. Soon the ceremony ended with lots of fun.

The next day was quite a hectic day. Anju and Anvika took care of bridal makeup while Karthi looking after the guests with Ved's parents, Nihal and Tej are dealing with Groom's unnecessary questions like 'she didn't run away right' and 'she will show up at our wedding without fail right?'.

Like seriously? Who would think like that? Normally some girls do, but a guy? I don't know. I can't believe I'm friends with these weirdos all these years.

'Yeah, like you're any better than them'

'Oh hey! Long-time no see'

'Stop being sarcastic'

'I'm not that weird okay?'

'Yeah right! Did you forget the day of your wedding? When You prayed to God to make Karthik runaway with some other girl so the wedding would stop?'

'Don't blame me, he was a stranger to me at that time'

'A stranger you fell in love with ?'


"Sree, what are you doing here? The priest is asking for Niya, please bring her soon that Groom monster is killing us with his stupid questions" Karthi said running his fingers in his styled hair. He looks dashing in his sherwani which matches my saree colour.

His hand slowly reached my lips tracing an outline making my eyes flutter closed and then he started wiping at the corner of my lips.. wait, what?

"You've some drool over there, " Karthi said smirking.

It took a whole minute to understa

t you when you hurt her. Try to hurt her and be ready to say goodbye to mother Earth" I kinda threatened him.

"My wife is so hot giving all these threats" we heard Karthi's awe-filled voice from there hideout earning a slap from someone.

"You guys can come out, you too monkey" Anju called out Nihal and the others.

"As if you're Miss. India" we heard Nihal mumble earning a solid glare from Anju.

"You guys can bicker all the night, but give me the damn key so I could finally see my lovely wife" Ved half-yelled making all of us snigger at his impatience.

"Now now Ved, be nice to us, the key to your room is still with us, " Veni said smirking.

"Veni, not you too" he groaned.

Just he was about to say something, Anvika stood beside him slipping something in his hand. His puzzled face soon turned bright and showed us the spare key to his bedroom.

"Traitor" Anju mumbled.

"Sorry guys, but he's my only brother, " she said sending us an apologetic look.

"You're the best sister ever, " Ved said giving her a side hug and slipped into his room.

"Okay now, all girls in one room and all boys in another" Veni ordered.

"B-but-" Karthi was about to argue with the arrangements but was cut off by Anju's glare.

"Try to argue with us, we won't help you tomorrow, " she said waving her index to him.

"Help with what?" I asked her anxiously.

"Nothing, I planned something for the newly wedded couple" he mumbled looking everywhere but me.

"Really? You're the best" I said grinning ear to ear.

"If only you know" mumbled Veni.

"What?" I asked puzzled.

"We're sending them Paris" Karthi said almost immediately.

"Cool" I said feeling a bit jealous.

"Okay now, get out of our way, " Anju said linking mine and Anvika's hand while Veni hooked her arm to my other arm dragging me to the guest room.

'I'm so jealous right now ' I thought, pouting.

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