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Sreesha Pov:

" I'm getting married to Aadhya's father" Veni announced in front of everyone.

The moment she announced, mom and dad left giving us privacy as I already informed them about the situation beforehand. Mom just smiled and said that she already expected this from Veni.

"What?" All yelled at the same time leading Aadhya to whimper due to the sound of several voices at once.

"Don't raise your voices, she's making a fuss since last night" she hissed rocking the baby.

"Then what do you want us to do? To congratulate you for making the world's dumbest decision?" Anju hissed raising her hands in the air.

"Anju, first listen to her and let her decide what she wants. It is her life" I said patiently.

"So, you know about her decision and never thought of sharing with us? Don't tell me you know about this too" the question is directed to Niya, who stayed unusually quiet.

"No, Veni didn't discuss about this with me but I know this would happen one day or the other, because of the way she acts around the baby. She's treating Aadhya as her own, Anju we should respect her decision. Not everyone takes such a brave step in their life and I admire her for that" Niya explained, Anju shook her head.

"Why are you two are so calm, tell her this was a ridiculous idea, " she asked Ved and Tej. They looked at her and shrugged "Don't you dare try to act nonchalant, convince her to change her decision. She doesn't even love that guy. How the hell will they make this marriage work?" She half-yelled.

"Is this what you want Veni di ?" Tej asked looking at the baby and her, Veni nodded "will you promise me to take care of the baby like she's your own and never hurt her?" He said in a thick emotional voice.

What happened to him?

"I promise Tej, I'll treat her like my own and I would never dream of hurting her. Trust me, she became my world when I first took her into my arms. I just want you guys to approve this decision about my life, I know this is a life-changing one and my life would never be the same but I'm willing to take the risk for this little angel in my arms. I want you guys to support me" she said with teary eyes.

"Then I'm with you di, " Tej said side hugging Veni.

"I'm with you too Veni, but you've to let us know if you have any problem and promise us not to take decisions in haste in future. If its Sree or Anju I wouldn't have supported them. I'm supporting this just because it is you." He mumbled rubbing his forehead.

"Why the hell you will not support us?" Anju demanded.

"Because she

with shivering hands, he was about to drop the pen but gripped it hard when he heard Aadhya cry.

Veni took crying Aadhya in her arms and started cooing her when he looks at his now smiling daughter, he signed the papers and sighed.

He didn't even utter a word to us and kept glancing at smiling Aadhya. He mumbled a thank you to us and asked Veni to get into his car with the baby, she nodded and hugged each one of us saying goodbye and promised to attend Niya's marriage rituals from tomorrow without fail.

When Arjun was about to get into the car I requested him saying "Treat her like she deserves". He nodded getting into the car mumbling 'okay'.

I know it's a small line, but it held a lot of meaning. I don't want him to hurt her, she's like a sister to me and my rock when I was dealing with my crappy life. I know she was crumbling inside for the lack of her parents' presence in her marriage but was carrying a neutral face just to make us happy. Her mom called and asked her to go to her home and to reveal the news to her father. She knows that he wouldn't take it positively and she was pretty nervous about this. I wish I could go with her to convince her father but she asked me to stay with Niya as today is her Mehandi function. Niya also tried to convince her saying it's okay if I didn't attend this ritual but she just dismissed our conversation saying she would be fine.

I really want Arjun to take care of her, if not as wife at least as a friend.

When we reached home, mom is ready with coffee and snacks. Mom and dad couldn't make it to Veni's marriage as they're busy taking care of today's function arrangements.

I hope Veni finds her happiness in this marriage.

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