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Karthik Pov:


'She's such a tease!'

'Oh, c'mon she didn't even tease you.'

'She doesn't have to try, just a look is enough to make my heart flutter '

'Now, you sound like a girl'

'I'm not a girl. I'm as straight as a scale!'

'Yeah yeah, whatever!'

"Karthik" mom voice pulled me out of bickering to myself.

I knew it, Sree is such a bad influence on me.

'But, you love her'

'That I do'

"Earth to Karthik, I knew you would behave like a lost puppy when your wife is not beside you, but this is too much. You have a mother to take care of. All you think about is Sreesha, have you ever thought of me? Even a single second after your marriage?" My mom started her drama.

Let's just get out of here!

I wish I could do that, but trust me, she'll play evil mother if we ever ignore her. All we have to do is play along...

"Woah! Mom, you know I love you so much" I said lovingly.

"No, you don't! You always say that to shut my mouth, but now I want to know who you love the most!"

"Mom, I love you both, " I said pinching the area between my eyebrows.

Why did you give me such a drama queen like my mother? Why god? Why?

"No, its either Sree or me, tell me now" why is she behaving like that? I took a quick glance around to look if something was odd. It is indeed odd because I caught a glimpse of Sree's saree behind the wall.

Now I understand why she's doing all this. They're playing with me.

I need to make sure that these two evil persons stay away from each other.

She's turning my Sree into drama queen too.

"Mom, how could you compare with her? You're the world's best mother" I said feigning excitement "wait, let us ask dad how he feels about you" I said smirking internally.

"First answer my question" she demanded.

"Wait, let me call dad first, " I said waving my phone.

I called my dad asking him to come downstairs saying 'we need to discuss something important'.

As if this is the most important thing!

What do you think, that I'll face these two drama queens myself? I need some support duh!

"What is it Karthik? I've some important work, make it fast" dad said heading towards us.

"Nothing dad, mom want to know who you love you the most? Your mom or wife?" I asked him with a small smirk.

"What? You asked me to come down here to ask me this silly question ?" My dad half yelled. Maybe he was busy when I called him. "I've more important things to do, " he said, as he was about to leave a hand stopped him.


urself fall in this situation, you're not my target you know? It was my son, he has to turn the tables making you the victim" she explained fanning herself. Dad glared at me, if the looks could kill, I would be under 6 feet by now.

"We're going to our home after these two weddings done, she'll turn you just like her if we stay here permanently" I whispered to sree, she giggled.

"Wow, this is quite a show mom, " a new voice said followed by a few 'yes's. Tej.

Oh, the gang is here...

Time to announce 'Veni's marriage'.

After they settled down in the living room, they asked Sree about the purpose of their invitation because Niya's marriage functions will start from tomorrow.

After a few minutes, Veni came downstairs with Aadhya in her hands. I couldn't help but look at Sree, The image of her holding our kid crossed my mind. I grinned like a fool.

"For the nth time, will someone tell us why we're here?" Tej demanded, nudging Ved who is ogling at his bride.

"Yeah, please do tell. It's not like I'm complaining though" he added looking at Niya, who rolled her eyes at him.

"Stop making googly eyes at her and support me, " Tej said smacking Ved's head making him groan.

"Just because your love interest isn't here doesn't mean I couldn't look at my to-be-wife" he mumbled under his breath.

"I don't have a love interest, so shut up" Tej snapped at him.

"Sure, " Ved said sarcastically.

No one is interested in this topic as we all know who his love interest is.


I cleared my throat to gain their attention but Veni beat me saying "I'm getting married to Aadhya's father".

And just like that, the hell broke loose.

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