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Karthik Pov:

I was turning and tossing on this stupid couch but sleep was miles away. I just want to hold Sree close to my heart while sleeping. Is that too much to ask?

'You asked for it' my subconscious chided me.

'I was blinded by jealousy when she mentioned that good for nothing bastard name'

'I did too... but she's Sree we're talking about, she's your wife and you should trust her with your life' It scolded me like my mom.

'Yeah, but you'd to admit she's hot when she was angry, damn her face it's all red and furious. All I wanted to do was grab and kiss the hell out of her'

'That makes us two bro'

'Shut up! She's mine. Only mine'

'I'm your inner self idiot! That is why Sree calls you Idiot'

'I love it when she calls me Idiot ' I thought dreamily.

'You're whipped'

'As if you're not!' I smirked still my eyes closed.

I was about to turn but stilled when I felt weight beside me and a head on my heartbeat. And a whisper 'Good Night'.

My Sreesha.

A smile spread on my lips unknowingly, knowing she's also having a hard time to sleep without me.

The thought itself made me wanted to jump like a monkey.

'Did you just compared yourself to a monkey?'

'Oh shut up and let me enjoy this moment '


She slept right away after laying down beside me and releasing a sigh of comfort. I let her sleep a little before lifting her bridal style and took her to our bed. I laid her down and covered her with a blanket before joining her making sure to place her head on my heartbeat.

She sighed and smiled a little before drifting into sleep. I mumbled a good night and stole a Goodnight kiss on her head before following her suite.

Sreesha Pov:

A smile spread on my lips realising he's beside me. He had a strong grip on my head and waist making it impossible to move. I slowly tried to untangle myself without waking him. Tried being a keyword here. He shifted to my side, now our faces are a few in

e room, he's nowhere to be found. This is the only chance to escape. With one last deep breath, I ran into the walk-in closet to find my husband half-naked.

Can this day be any more embarrassing?

"Sree, do you like this shirt- what the?" His mouth hanging open, his eyes popped out.

"Karthik, close your eyes" I hissed.

He just stood there moving his lips like a fish.

"Karthik, close your eyes NOW" I shouted making him jump. He nodded frantically closing his eyes before leaving the closet.

I sighed in relief. Now the question is, how the hell am I going to face him?

After doing my business, I took deep breaths calming myself and stepped out of the closet to only attacked by my husband's arms.

"What is that stunt you just pulled? Are you trying to kill me?" He said huskily.

"I didn't do it on purpose, I forgot to take my clothes with me before going to washroom" I mumbled.

"Don't pout now. I already need a cold shower now... again" mumbled the last word.

"Again?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Don't look at me all innocent now, I already did one after our heated make-out session and now I need one more?" he said huffing leaving me like a statue.

"And you have every damn right to kiss your husband" he smirked leaving a very veryyy verrryyyyy innocent Sreesha behind.

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