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Sreesha Pov:

"I'm getting married to Arjun for baby"

"What the hell did you just say?" I half-yelled.

This must be some kind of a sick joke. How can someone marry for a kid who's not even hers?

"Sree, stop yelling, Aadhya will be awake if you start talking that loud" Veni said shaking her head.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and said: "Are you keeping her tonight?" She nodded, my guess was right.

Try to stay calm Sreesha, talk to her without bursting out like a volcano.

Do remember she's the sane one, not you! My stupid brain offered.

Yeah, like she just took the world's best decision.

You don't know what she went through, so shut up and listen to her. Who knows she might have a reason for all the things she was doing? My brain chided.

I'll listen to her because I love her, not because you said.


"Okay, you can take the room next to yours, it has a crib and a bed too" I said and added, "We need to talk about this with Anju and Niya too".

"Thank you. We'll talk to them tomorrow, but I want you to support me when I talk to them. Let's take this conversation somewhere else" she said looking at the baby.

After settling the baby in the crib, I dragged her to the balcony to talk to her, we can't go too far as we need to keep an eye on the baby in case she wakes up.

"Tell me everything" I demanded.

"Sorry for being rude all these days Sree" She apologized, so she knew that she was hurting me "I never intended to hurt you, it is just I was missing Aadhya so much when her father didn't allow me to see her. He was adamant about his decision saying he doesn't want me to be anywhere near her" I frowned.

Why would he do that, when she was trying to help him?

"Arjun h-he is my cousin's husband and my childhood crush" she mumbled.

"What?" I whisper-yelled.

"Are you trying to say that he was the same guy, your first crush? Your Aunt's son who married your cousin? The same Arjun for whom you cried your eyes out?" I started my ranting.

"Yeah, he's the one" she mumbled looking at her feet, I smiled.

"I'll help you, " I said smiling.

"Please Sree, I- wait you will help me?" She whispered. As if she can't believe what I just said.

"But you need to be sure about your decision Veni. I get it, it's your life and all but I'm your best friend and I have a right to worry about you. If marrying him makes you happy, so be it. But just think about the consequences. Just be sure you won't regret your decision later. "I said worrying about her future.

"Do you love him?" I added, she stunned at my question.

"I-I d-don't know Sree. I-I used to li-like him but I don't th-think I l-love h-him. I just want to be there for Aadhya. She means a lot to me." She said stuttering a little.

"Before you ask me, no, he doesn't love me. I was always his Uncle's daughter who used to annoy him. He agreed to marry me for the baby, He changed many nannies but he has to fire all of them because they c

ery dream when you both were together with God only knows how much I hated him" he said tightening his grip on mine. I giggled.

"So, forgive me?" He asked hesitantly.

"Only if you help me convincing our friends about Veni's marriage most importantly Ved and Tej. They're protective of her. I think I can handle others" I said pressing a small kiss on his cheek.

"That's not the right way to kiss your husband " he whined like a kid.

"Uh-huh this is all you get for pulling that stunt earlier" I whispered slipping away from his grip.

"Take the couch tonight, hubby" I said running towards our room.

"You" I heard him shouting. After reaching our room I made sure to keep an extra blanket and pillow on the couch just in case he forgets about it.

"You can't be serious" he mumbled.

"I am serious hubby, now turn off the lights and sleep on the couch or else you've to sleep there for a week, " I said winking at him. I know he'll listen to me without making a fuss. Because he can't spend a week of a sleepless night. Even I can't sleep without him beside me. He slipped under his blanket mumbling a string of curses.

"Don't sneak in bed in the middle of the night or else remember one week" I warned him.

I tossed and tossed in our bed. No use. This idiot makes it hard for me to sleep alone without him beside me. I cursed under my breath and make my way towards him and adjusted myself beside him on that small couch.

Next time think about some other punishment which will not make you suffer by brain said groggily.

"Goodnight" I whispered placing my head on his heartbeat.

After a few minutes, I can feel someone lifting me in their arms and placed me on comfortable material. A bed. I sighed feeling the soft material. A few seconds later my head was placed on a rock-hard thing.

What is it?

And it started beating now. The sound was so soothing to my ears than any other music in the world.

Just like that, I slipped into a dreamless sleep.

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