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   Chapter 32 Chapter 32

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Sreesha Pov:

"Do you still love him?" He asked using his cold voice.

Do I still love him?

'Eww, why are you even thinking about it?' My brain chided.

'To give him what he deserves?'

'Please don't tell you're planning to hug him and say 'No, Karthik. I love you and only you' like in those daily soaps' I rolled my eyes at her stupidity.

'Of course not! Do I look like a daily soap heroine or something? '

'Now stop talking and get back to work. Teach him how to control his stupid mouth'

'Finally! We agreed on something '

'Yeah, yeah don't get used to it'

I slowly slipped out of his grip and took a pillow and started hitting him. He was startled by the way I reacted, but can you blame me? He was the one who asked that ridiculous question. I hit him using all my strength but it is of no use, he is way more stronger than me. So the next thing I know I was throwing a comb, at him followed by all the things on the vanity table.

When I find a sharp object all I said was 'RUN'. And he did. I chased him downstairs and we ended up in the kitchen. I smirked when I realised we're in the kitchen.

Kitchen, the place where everything can be used as a weapon. Even a spatula can be a weapon if you want.

So I took a spatula in my hands and waiting patiently for him to notice me. When I saw the look on his face I smirked satisfied and begin tapping my foot feigning impatience.

Let me tell you, it was quite a scene to scare the shit of your husband.

And I'm actually doing it now.

I blame it on mom!

She was the one who spoiled me.

Yeah! Like you haven't made Ved's life living hell when he manhandled Manoj.

I literally cringed at the thought of him. He was not worth being in my memories too.

God, I despise him a lot.

''What the hell is going on here?" dad's voice boomed around the kitchen.


The question is...

What the hell Am I going to say?

Karthik glanced at dad and sighed in relief. He looked at him like dad was his Knight in the Shining Armour.

Yeah, right!

"Dad, save me from her" he cried out. Dad looked at him and then me, his curved into a half-smile.

"And why would I? When you never saved me from your mom's wrath? What did you do to get on her bad side anyway?" dad said amused by the scene in front of him.

He said what?

'Looks like mom had dealt with dad the same way before. Hmm, maybe it's not a one-time thing thou..'

I just slipped the spatula in its place while Karthik is glaring at him and sent my in

t you're thinking Sree, don't think negatively, " Karthik said following me into the kitchen.

"Pfft... I don't know what you're talking about" I tried to act normally but my voice cracked a little at the end.

Stupid Sree, get a grip on your emotions.

"Sree, you're not bad at dealing/ taking care of kids, That baby is used to Veni I guess. So please don't overthink about this" he said cupping my cheeks with his palms.

"O-okay" I mumbled kissing his palm lightly.

What would I do without him?

He was the best ever thing that happened to me.

I'll be forever indebted to Tej for selecting him for me.

One look at his eyes is all it takes me to fell into his trance. It's like he just cast a spell on me.

Isn't it a crime to be this handsome?

Maybe not!

If it is, he would've been in jail since forever.

He slowly started leaning in, my eyes fluttered closed. I couldn't look at him without blushing like a tomato, to which he teases even more than he already has.

I felt him placing his lips on my left eye and then on right, and then on the nose which I scrunched a little when it tickled and then a long lingering one on my forehead, A few sloppy kisses on both the cheeks and then-

A throat clearing interrupted us, he cursed under his breath and left the kitchen nodding at Veni. Aadhya is still with her.

"Umm I don't know how to tell you Sree, but will you sign as a witness in my marriage?" She mumbled not looking at my eyes.

She said what?

What is the date today? It must be April 1st. But its June !!!

"What?" I yelled, she glared at me showing the sleeping baby in her arms.

"I'm getting married to Arjun for baby"

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