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Karthik Pov:

Why does it have to be this complicated to console a crying woman? I never tried to console a crying woman, well except Anvika of course, she was my only best friend in girls. I can't say I did my best to make her feel better but Nihal was pro in making her laugh in tough scenarios.

Think about your crying wife dumbo!

I know its better not to force her to talk right now, so I just hug and let her cry. I can't stand her tears but now it's better to let her cry than to let her wallow herself in self-pity. I know she went through a lot in her parents' house, if it is up to me I would've taken her away from a long time ago.

She is the most precious thing that ever happened to me.

Her sobs died down after a while but not her tears. I wonder who caused her this, I don't mind tearing them apart even if it is her own father.

" K-karthi umm you'll n-never l-leave me right? " what? From where she got this idea.... again? I cursed under my breath.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you can't get rid of me in this life?.... may be in the coming lives too?'' I said slightly irritated.

What? This is not the first time she's asking this question and I tried to assure her as much as I can. I never treated her badly, I never uttered a word against her and for god sake, I restrained myself from touching her against her will.

"I know. But do you still want me with all this baggage and insecurities? " she asked me nervously.

I tried hard to reduce her insecurities and worked on trust issues as much as I can. I even told her she was my first kiss keeping my ego aside. What more can I do to earn her trust?

If I tell her 'I love you' she might freak out and cry even more than this.

This is all because of her good for nothing father and a useless mother.

"Sree, I like everything about you, I don't care about the baggage you mentioned. Everyone has to fight their own demons at one stage in their life. As for your insecurities, I'll try to reduce them as much as possible" I explained to her patiently.

"Is this the reason you cried?" I added. I have a feeling that this is not the only reason she cried.

"No. Umm I think I know who is this stalker, " she said slowly, I froze in my place.

"W-who?" I stuttered.

How? Did she meet him? I took every safety measure to keep her away from all these things, then how the hell did she find out him before us? I even hired a private investigator to find the stalker but no use. Sure the notes were reduced when we're in our home but here they increased. With all these wedding preparations and all, there are many people around the house so it is easy to slip a note in our mailbox. I even arranged a couple of guards other than Ron and Sean without her knowledge when she was in public. But how the h

ich can be used against husbands. I turned to escape this place as soon as possible but my wife is just behind me with a spatula in her hand while tapping her foot impatiently with a lazy smirk on her face.

"What the hell is going on here?" My dad's voice boomed around the kitchen.

"Dad, save me from her" I cried out. He looked at me and her and realized my situation.

"And why would I? When you never saved me from your mom's wrath? What did you do to get on her bad side anyway?" My dad said amused by the scene in front of him.

Sree silently slipped her weapon on the counter and smiled at him like an innocent angel.

Just before a minute, she looked like a female version of HADES.

"What the hell happened to my house" mom's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Ah! Nothing they are just playing around" dad said smirking. I pleaded him with my eyes not to tell my mom. If she gets to know about this, our whole gang will know within less than a minute.

"Playing?" She threw a confused look at my dad.

"Yeah! More like Sreesha playing with our son's life like you did with mine" he said smirking at me.

"Excuse me? Did you just say I played with your life?" My mom asked narrowing her eyes at dad.

Serves him right!

"No dear, Sreesha here just chasing our son with a spatula in her hand. Looking at our son's position she did hit him more than once. Look at the way they're panting, only the experienced person can say how much he ran for his life" he said winking at mom.

"How dare you to hit my son?" My mom's voice boomed around the kitchen.

Sree literally shivered to listen to her voice.

"Alone?'' She added later. "You could've called me for help or at least recorded it for me, " She said winking at her. Now she relaxed visibly.

"Domestic violence is too much in this house" my dad mumbled, and I nodded in agreement.

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