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Sreesha Pov:

It belongs to you!

What does that mean?

'Shut up Sreesha! He's just being polite with you because you're Karthik's wife. As for the Necklace, he might order it a long time ago for Karthik's future wife, which is fortunately you. Don't think too much and spoil your mood' I chided myself.

He seems to be nice person thou, with all the calmness and all. But Tej mentioned that he was called ruthless in the business world. Maybe all the businessmen are same? Maybe not. Nihal is definitely not a cold one and Ved, well he just took over his dad's business recently, he doesn't act cold too.

But sadly my husband is not one of them. I heard the way he communicates with his employee, it was too rude. Once I heard him talking to Ron and Sean who became my good friends in the 3 months of time, I literally flinched at the tone he used on them. I couldn't help the shiver that ran through my spine, it's like I heard my father's voice instead of Karthik's.

He never used that kind of tone on me, hopefully, would never use in the future. That tone is only for his employees not for family and friends, he explained it himself. He even told me the way his employees reacted when he smiled at them. I laughed like there is no tomorrow when he said they called Nihal to check on him just because he smiled and returned their wishes. He even said his PA Lekha literally ran out of his cabin when it happened.

"Penny for your thoughts ma'am" Karthik's voice pulled me out of the stream of thoughts. He's there leaning on the bedside wall smirking.

Why does he have to smirk all the time? Not that I'm complaining though, it looks hot on him. But can't he give a break to that?

"I love it when you voice your thoughts out, " he said widening his smirk.

I think I voiced my thoughts aloud again. I should really work on it from tomorrow, maybe mom can help me.

I just want to wipe that smirk on his face.

"Wipe it off with your lips, " he said chuckling. I pouted. I don't want him to listen to my each and every thought. It always happens when he's around but never once with family.


I have a big family now. A mom, dad, brothers, sisters and an Uncle too. Never thought I would be loved by someone other than Tej and my three evil friends.

Sure I'd a boyfriend who said he loved me and left me without a proper goodbye. I thought I loved him and wanted to marry him at that time because then I was craving for love. So I gave him what he wanted, my virginity. Never thou

e said sternly. I almost forgot about it. I cleared my throat.

"K-Karthi umm you'll n-never l-leave me right?" I stuttered playing with my fingers. He sighed and intervened his right-hand fingers with mine while placing his left on my waist holding it securely.

"How many times do I have to tell you that you can't get rid of me in this life ?.... may be in the coming lives too?" He said in a slightly irritated voice.

"I know. But do you still want me with all this baggage and insecurities?" I asked him nervously.

What if he says No?

"Sree, I like everything about you, I don't care about the baggage you mentioned. Everyone has to fight their own demons at one stage of our life. As for your insecurities, I'll try to reduce them as much as possible" he explained patiently.

"Is this the reason you cried?" He added.

"No. Umm I think I know who is this stalker" I mumbled, he looked stunned.

"W-who?" He stuttered.

"I think it is Manoj" I mumbled.


"My ex, " I said looking down. He didn't utter a word for a while. I know its hard for him to digest the fact that I loved someone and even slept with him.

Maybe he is feeling disgusted with me. He was just trying to make this work between us. Who wants a wife someone like me?

''Why do you think it was him?" He asked after a while there is some change in his voice.

"He left a note and disappeared, " I said and started explaining everything. I don't want to hide anything from him. I want to tell him what really happened. So I did. The next question he asked me to make me stilled at my place.

"Do you still love him ?" His voice was emotionless.

Do I still love him?

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