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Sreesha Pov:

"I don't mind having loads of kids, maybe an 11? so we could create an Indian cricket team?"

I was startled at the familiar voice but composed myself and turned my gaze to everyone they're all busy with their little chat well except Veni. She was looking at the baby longingly. I turned my attention towards my husband who's now beside me with a smirk on his face.

"Only 11? I thought we're going to have 12 kids, like a dozen? I don't like odd numbers Karthi makes it 12 so we can have an even number of kids" I said like it was the most obvious thing. The look on his face was priceless. He thought I would fall for his words and feel shy like other girls.

My poor husband!

He doesn't know who he's dealing with I thought smirking.

If I was the same Sreesha before marriage, I would've either panic or feel shy for his words depending on his behavior.

But give me some credit guys, I'm spending enough time with mom to get some of her craziness. *winks*

"What?" He yelled gaining everyone's attention to him.

Uh-oh, now they're going to interrogate us!

"Karthik, When did you come? Why are you shouting like that? Keep your voice low, you will wake the baby" Mom asked him with a knowing smile.

This woman can read anyone easily, Be careful with her Sreesha my inner self-warned me.

A ring of mobile phone diverted their attention to Veni. She frowned looking at the caller's name. She excused herself for a minute to attend the call and returned with a scowl and disappointed face. She was glaring at the phone as she was ready to kill the person on the other side and mumbled some profanities under her breath.

'I shouldn't have given him this address' she mumbled under her breath.

I wonder who is this him. She was the most matured and collective one, should I say sane one in our group but what the hell happened to her? She never used a bad word and she was not the one to blame others. I wonder what happened in these three months. It's quite hard to get information from her. Niya and I shared a look and smirked. Who knows this 'he' might be the one for her? Maybe she was trying to fight the attraction between them? I might play cupid role and get them together.

Another love story on the way I thought of doing a happy dance inside.

"What happened Veni?" I asked her about giving her my best innocent face.

"Aadhya's father" she mumbled.

Aadhya? Who is this Aadhya again?

"Who's Aadhya, Veni ?" I asked frowning.

"What the? What are you doing when I was talking about the baby? Didn't I tell you that her name is Aadhya and she's 2 months 15 days old? And she lost her mot

finish my sentence. He silenced me with his lips. Why the hell did I always fail to explain about his kisses? It's like with each kiss it's getting even better. Better than the kiss we shared before. He pulled away placing his forehead on mine.

"Talk about him again I'll punish you, " he thinks this is a punishment? I smirked.

"But he's really way hotter when he's -" this time it is not a gentle kiss like before. It is rough and way more exciting than the before one. It does feel like a punishment but I love to be punished this way.

From when I started thinking like that?

A sound of clearing throat makes me jump away from his hold. A smirking Niya came into view with mom, who closed her eyes tightly.

"Guys, please keep it PG13 we cook here. It's not your bedroom" Niya said smirking.

"Please tell me they're decent, " mom said still closing her eyes. Like she didn't see anything.

She's indeed a drama queen.

Karthi cursed himself under his breath while I glare at him. I told him to stop.

'Yeah, and pigs can fly!' My enemy mocked me.

"Sreesha, go and get ready while my dear son here helps me in cooking, " she said smirking at him.

"What? Why?" He asked as if she asked him to murder someone.

"Because I said so. Sreesha now go, shoo" she literally shooed me out of the kitchen. Niya was giggling uncontrollably while wiggling her eyebrows at me. I shook my head and thought to wait until you get married, then I'll be the one laughing at you.

I got ready with a saree that mom placed on my bed and went downstairs, the guest is already here. A familiar figure arrived in front of me giving me a big bear hug. Tej.

I turned around and saw a person who I never thought I would get a glimpse of him in my lifetime.

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