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"Sreesha we're having a guest over for dinner. Guess who?" Mom said a little excitedly.

When is she not excited?

"Jayanth Thakur, " she said proudly.

Wait! I heard this name somewhere.

"You mean Tej's boss?" I asked her hesitantly.

"Yup, " she said doing a happy dance on the way to the kitchen.

"God! Does she really behave like this all the time?" Niya asked me looking amused, I nodded smiling.

"Really? If she is like this at this age, I feel pity for uncle for dealing with her at a young age. I bet she must be a fireball at our age" she added looking at the way mom just disappeared.

"Tell me about it!" A familiar voice put a break to her mouth.

There stood dad with a grin on his face at the edge of the stairs.

"She was indeed a handful but I love her the way she is, " he said with a dreamy look on his face, plastering a permanent grin on his face.

I wish my married life would be like this in the future. Maybe even more? Until I die...

"I'm sorry, uncle, I didn't mean to say all those things but-" He cut off her apology waving his hand.

"It's nothing dear. But I suggest you to never get on her bad side, she will never think straight when she's mad" he suggested with a smile on his face.

I remember the day she warned Mrs.Sharma. she was indeed scary when she uses her cold voice. I looked around and spotted mom leaning on the wall folding her hands.

Shoot! She must have heard his words.

I was about to warn dad but she gestured me to not to let him know that she was here.

I don't mind another show for now.

Hey, don't judge me okay? Their banter was more than entertaining than any reality shows.

"I wouldn't dare" Niya mumbled.

"I feel proud of myself that I dealt with her these many years you know? Once she dyed my hair pink just because I raised my voice at her the before day. I had to use a wig for a while until the color fades away. And the other time-"

"Are you trying to scare them Vinay? " listening to mom voice dad stiffened.

Poor dad!

"Hi honey, w-when d-did you came here? I-I was just telling them how much

recover from the shock.

"Aww. Whose baby is she Veni? God, she's so cute and look at those chubby cheeks. I want to pinch them" she said and was about to pinch but I slapped her hand away.

What? It might hurt the baby if we pinch her.

"Veni, can I hold her? Please" I used my infamous puppy dog face.

Don't judge me! We had to use it sometimes to get what we want!

"Sure" she mumbled while handing the baby to me. I sat down on the couch in Indian style while taking her in my arms. My in-laws and friends were gushing how it looks.

It looks like I was having a baby. My own blood. Karthik and I's baby. The symbol of our love.


No! We're not in love. At least he doesn't love me. I know I was on the way of falling in love with him but...

Do I love him?

It gets me nowhere thinking about it right now. I started playing with the baby. She's adorable. Her parents must have one hell of a gene to create a baby like her.

She looks like an angel.

I fall in love with her instantly. I played with her making baby faces and mumbling with her. Her body was so tiny, so fragile and so soft.

I want a baby girl just like her. Maybe a boy first, so he would protect her from all the evils in the world just like Tej did.

My train of thoughts ended when someone whispered in my ear

"I don't mind having loads of kids, maybe an 11? so we could create an Indian cricket team?"

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