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Karthik Pov:

"Son, can I see her today ?" Uncle asked, making me frown.

"Uncle, how many times do I've to tell you that you're always welcome here? Sreesha would be more than delighted to meet you as you were the one who gave Tej an opportunity to achieve his dreams. Actually, she asked me many times to invite you for dinner. I didn't mention it to you because I thought you were not ready yet. So, how about you come over for dinner today and get to know my lovely wife?" I said lightning the conversation.

"Really? She wanted to meet me and you're telling me now? " he yelled on the phone.

"Sorry uncle, we're just busy with the marriage arrangements and taking care of security at the same time. You do know the threats increased after we moved in here right? I just want to make sure Sreesha would be safe when I was not around. And she kind of turned into a rebel these days" I said thinking about her antics these days. A smile spread on my lips unknowingly just by thinking about her.

How I wish I was with her right now?

"Stop daydreaming and talk to me Karthik" He tried to be stern but it came out little amused with a hint of teasing.

"I'm not?" It came out more like a question.

"Next time you try to deny the fact, make sure you believe yourself and then try to answer others but not like questioning yourself. It's not good for a businessman like you" he teased me further. What is it with everyone and teasing me? Yesterday the whole gang ruined our moments together. I just wanted to kick them out of the house or abduct my own wife from all those creepy people. So, I could spend some alone time wit

With that, I ended the call and informed mom about the dinner and asked her Sree's whereabouts. As usual, she was out with Anju to finalize decorations for the engagement ceremony.

I left the office a little earlier so I could spend some time helping Sree in cooking. I miss the way we used to spend time in the kitchen helping each other... okay maybe teasing each other. But I miss the way we used to kiss in the middle of the house without caring about the world. But here, every time I tried to talk to her, someone would snatch her like a hawk.

When I entered the house the sight in front of me was... I just don't know how to explain it. But this is what I wanted with her.

Sree is sitting on a couch with a baby in her hands. She was smiling at the baby like it is her own. Her features were more relaxed and radiant at the same time. Her smile was infectious, and happiness was evident on her face.

If it is the way she looks when we'd a kid for our self, I don't mind having loads and loads of kids.

Hmm....Maybe we should try to create a mini cricket team for India.

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