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Sreesha Pov:

Mom and dad insisted to arrange a big fat wedding for them. They tried to deny it at first but gave in eventually. Karthik's parents and Veni are taking care of venue and menu, while Karthik and I are taking care of arrangements of rituals before the wedding. Ved's parents are arranging reception and rituals after the wedding. The bride and groom are taking care of invitations and other stuff. Anju and Anvika are in charge of shopping for the bride while Tej and Nihal for Groom.

Thank god. I didn't take the responsibility of shopping, it would have been a mess if I did.

We moved into Karthik's parent's house because it is easy if we're staying in the same place to take each other's suggestions. Niya, Anju, Veni, and Anvika are staying here for these two weeks. Tej and Nihal would visit in the evenings after their work.

When Tej told me about working for Karthik's uncle I felt so happy. He's taking care of everything in-house. It was like he literally transformed completely from a kid to a man. He changed completely during these three months like he wanted to prove to others that he's not a kid anymore. Yeah, he behaves completely normal with me but he forgot that I can look through his soul. Something is bothering him but he's acting like everything is fine. I need to know what's bothering him so much.

Veni. She changed completely into a different person. These three months must have taken a toll on her. She's not the sweet Veni who used to think matured. When I asked her to help me plan a surprise for Niya, she denied saying she was not as creative as me and she would rather help Mom and dad. She's behaving oddly these days. When I confronted her, she just shrugged and said 'Everyone changes with time'.

I missed the old Veni, who I used to go when I was upset with my parent's behavior.

My parents. They didn't even call me after my marriage. Its like they completely vanished from my life. When I mention them to Tej, he'd say 'It's for your own good di, don't think about them. Treat your in-laws as your own parents. You're blessed with great in-laws who will put their life before to save yours'.

I agree with him. I indeed have a very

wallet?" I asked him out of curiosity.

"They were shocked at first and dad was happy that I finally showed interest in a girl rather than studies and mom squealed and said-" he cut off his own sentence and added "let's go and have dinner, I'm starving " he definitely trying to change the topic.

''Not gonna happen Karthik, I want to know what your mother's first impression on me'' I said crossing my hands across my chest.

"She said that she liked you a lot, " he said gulping.

"I want to hear the exact words Karthik or I'm going to ask mom myself" I threatened him while he cursed himself for being in this situation.

"No. Don't ask her. She would definitely exaggerate things and add more spice to the topic to make it more fun" he said with a pleading look.

More like a puppy face.

How can anyone resist that look from the most important person in your life?

'Don't give in easily Sreesha' I chided myself.

"I gave you an option hubby. It's either you or mom. Select one option. I honestly don't mind either " I said smirking at him.

"She umm she said... glad to know that.. that.."

"That? Complete the sentence" I urged him. He didn't say a word.

"Mom" I yelled.

"She said she was glad to know that I like a girl and that she thought I was a gay, " he said in a rush. It took me a while to let the words sink into my brain. When they did, I burst into fits of laughter.

To which he silenced me with a toe-curling kiss.

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