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Sreesha Pov:

"Guys, we're getting married" A very familiar cheerful voice filled the living room putting a full stop to Anju and Nihal's banter, Tej and Anvika's ogling, mom's teasing, dad's 'how to woo your wife' speech to Karthi and a loud thud from Veni.

Wait, what?

Damn! She's more shocked than everyone else.

She fainted!

Poor Veni!

You're supposed to help her idiot! She doesn't want your sympathy now.

I was the first one to recover and react, everyone was still in shock looking at both Newly engaged couple and Veni.

Can you blame them?

Julie sprinkled some water on Veni's face. She groaned in pain. Her head might have hit the ground hard. She looked around like she wants to remember what caused her to end up on the ground. She found the persons who caused this and threw an accusing glare at them.

"Huh? Why is everyone reacting like this? We're just getting married" Niya sent an accusing glare at us "see, I told you it is not a good idea, now look at them, looking at us like we'd grown another head" Added looking at Ved.

"Can you blame them, baby? You almost tried to kill me when I first met you after all those years. Not to mention the handprints on my cheek took two days to fade. You gave me two months of different kinds of torture to test me whether I was serious with you" we all winced at the mention of tortures he went through except Niya, she just rolls her eyes at him "And you accepted me after writing a list of pros n cons. You literally kicked out poor Karthik from his own house just to discuss us with this mouse." Pointing at me, I just smirked at him remembering that day ''Later you came up with a long list of 'what to do and what not to do' in our relationship which I'm pretty sure who gave you half of the ideas. Stupid mouse." he muttered the last words.

'' Poor Veni has no idea about all these as she went to visit her Aunt in another state.'' He mumbled.

"You don't want to marry me?" She said sniffing. Then he realized what a big mistake he'd done. He just hugged her to his chest murmuring soft words.

"Of course I do baby. I'm not a fool to let you go again. If you want me to go through all the punishment you gave me again, I would do it without thinking twice. I'll do anything just to stay beside you, to love you for the rest of eternity, you're my world baby don't forget that okay?" He hugged her burying his head in her hair, she just nodded and showed a thumb at us, winking.

I should have known!

I just want to know, whether she was related to mom or not.

I should try to spend more time with them and learn some trick

ju and I said at a time and laughed wiping our tears. Veni just hugged her saying she loves her.

''So, Ved don't forget I have a gun with a license okay?'' Dad said we looked at him shocked.

''What? My son is giving her away which makes her practically a family member, I don't mind having another daughter other than Sreesha'' dad added shrugging.

''I don't mind too, I do have a spatula and new set of kitchen knives to hurt Ved'' mom said shrugging like it was nothing.

She pulled Niya into her embrace and dad pulled both of them into his.

"Wow, I feel so loved, " Ved said aloud, sarcastically.

"Don't worry bro, you have me" a voice startled us.


"What? I don't mind having a brother too" she added shrugging.

Did she know how much it meant to Ved? He treats me as his sister and all but I'm his friend first. But Anvika can be his fulltime sister. I grinned at her.

"You want to be my sister? You'll help me deal with the bride's family on our wedding day? You'll be there to give aarthi to us when we're about to step into the house? And ask our names before allowing us into our house? " he asked her desperately.

"Yes Bhai, do you mind if I do all those things? I already missed Karthik's wedding, but I don't want to miss another bhai's wedding " she said emotionally looking at Ved and Karthik. Karthik looked at her guiltily.

"No, I would love to have a sister in my life. This mouse is not enough for me, look at her she's taking Niya's side " he complained.

''Don't worry bhai, I won't leave you'' she said giving him a hug.

I smiled looking at all of them. Everything is perfect. Everyone is happy. I want this moment to pause like this.

But why do I feel something is terribly wrong?

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