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   Chapter 24 Chapter 24

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Sreesha Pov:

"Guys, we're getting married" A very familiar cheerful voice filled the living room putting a full stop to Anju and Nihal's banter, Tej and Anvika's ogling, mom's teasing, dad's 'how to woo your wife' speech to Karthi and a loud thud from Veni.

Wait, what?

Damn! She's more shocked than everyone else.

She fainted!

Poor Veni!

You're supposed to help her idiot! She doesn't want your sympathy now.

I was the first one to recover and react, everyone was still in shock looking at both Newly engaged couple and Veni.

Can you blame them?

Julie sprinkled some water on Veni's face. She groaned in pain. Her head might have hit the ground hard. She looked around like she wants to remember what caused her to end up on the ground. She found the persons who caused this and threw an accusing glare at them.

"Huh? Why is everyone reacting like

me sister. I grinned at her.

"You want to be my sister? You'll help me deal with the bride's family on our wedding day? You'll be there to give aarthi to us when we're about to step into the house? And ask our names before allowing us into our house? " he asked her desperately.

"Yes Bhai, do you mind if I do all those things? I already missed Karthik's wedding, but I don't want to miss another bhai's wedding " she said emotionally looking at Ved and Karthik. Karthik looked at her guiltily.

"No, I would love to have a sister in my life. This mouse is not enough for me, look at her she's taking Niya's side " he complained.

''Don't worry bhai, I won't leave you'' she said giving him a hug.

I smiled looking at all of them. Everything is perfect. Everyone is happy. I want this moment to pause like this.

But why do I feel something is terribly wrong?

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