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Karthik Pov:

Its been 3 months since our confessions. Everything changed. A good kind of change of course. It was pure bliss to just hold her in my arms. Before you guys began to assume things, No, we didn't do the deed.... yet.

I know she was ready for this but I want to wait a few more days. I want it to be more special. I have been planning something more special for her. She was dropping a lot of hints to make me understand that she's ready to take our relationship to another level but I have to play dumb. One day she was infuriated by my nonchalant behavior and next thing I know, I was covered with water which leads to a water war later. She ended up in our bathtub filled with cold water. Which results in a lot of pranks from her.

If you thought Anju is a prankster, just know my Sree is a pro in it. One day she gave me black coffee, my favorite with lots of sugar in it. I don't like sugar in my coffee. But I punished her with a long kiss than usual and she loved it too. Which resulted in me in getting late to a very important board meeting and non-stop teasing from Nihal.

We invite our friends for dinner at least once a month. Let me tell you we need to survive a lot of bickering from Nihal and Anju, A very long staring match from Tej and Anvika and very lovey dowey sweet talks from Ved and Niya.

Yeah, Niya is the one who Ved was in love with. Thank god for that. I had to explain about the threats against her to Sreesha, because she caught Julie taking care of a few guys in her style. She confronted us. I've no other choice but to reveal the truth to her. She was quite shaken for about one week but with the help of her friends and my charms, she's fine now.

At least I hope she is!

We still didn't know anything about her stalker and the slips are less due to tight security around the house. But they didn't stop completely. I wish this all will end soon.

As Sreesha now knows about Julie being her bodyguard in-home and Ron and Sean outside the house. She took it well I guess, I didn't get into more trouble than sleeping on the couch a few days. No biggie!

Who am I kidding? Those days were like hell. She didn't even allow me to touch her and sleeping on a couch in nights without her beside me was pure and utter hell. I used to sneak into bed in the middle of the night and hold her in my arms before sleeping. You kn

should have known!

Sree and I looked at each other and sighed.

I'm glad Sree is not spending more time with mom.

I cleared my throat to remind them that their son is still here with his wife. They released each other and rolled their eyes at me.

"Next time remember you're no teenagers and you'd a son who's married, " I said in annoyance.

"He's just jealous dear, let me go and help Sree in cooking I have a hunch that your son didn't let her finish cooking, " mom said smirking.

Not again!

The sound of doorbell saved me from their non-stop teasing. My parents must have used the spare key. I opened the door, revealing Tej and Anvika. I raised an eyebrow at them, they just shrugged. I just let the door open for others who will be here at any moment.

A loud bang followed by a string of curses fills the house indicating the Tom and Jerry of our friends Nihal and Anju's arrival. How did they end up in the same car without trying to rip each other's heads off?

In less than ten seconds after their arrival, they started their bickering again. Why don't they realise that they like each other and save us from this show? Not that I'm complaining, its quite entertaining but they need to stop once in a while at least.

Veni arrived a bit later.

Sree finished cooking and entered the living room with a smile on her face looking at our friends and gave each of them a hug.

We're all waiting for a lovey-dowey couple of our group enjoying our personal Tom n Jerry show.

A loud cheerful voice interrupted saying

''Guys, we're getting married''

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