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   Chapter 22 Chapter 22

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Sreesha Pov:

''Don't you dare laugh at me you Idiot'' I yelled at him hitting his chest. How dare he laugh at me?

He is the one who lied to me!

'Not even a single woman struck that kind of interest in me' those words literally broke my heart but here he is, laughing at me like a weirdo.

How could he lie to me about his feelings? I whined mentally.

I don't know why I just want to search for this girl and kill her at this moment.

From when I become this violent?

From the moment this guy started making his way into your heart? My subconscious offered to me.

''Sree'' I just hummed '' Do you want to know her name?''

And kill her? Yes, I would love to!

''No'' I mumbled burying myself into his chest. I don't know how we ended up in this position. I was literally sitting on his lap. It kinda felt comfy if I might add.

Too comfy don't you think?

Shut up!

''You need to know'' he said softly.

Oh no, I don't!

''Why?'' I mumbled not moving from his lap.

It is too comfy here. I just want to stay like this forever. Maybe I need to postpone her death for a while.

''Because, its YOU Sree. You're the girl who struck my interest and you're my first crush. It's always you Sree. ITS ALWAYS YOU'' he said hugging me more making me unable to breathe.

Did I hear him right?

Did he just say what I think he said?

This has to be a dream!

Just blink your eyes. If he's not here after you did that then it's all a dream.

An amazing dream? Nope, what is it again?

Yeah, beautiful?


I Blame it on my English teacher who didn't teach me enough adjectives. Hump! Wait I need to blink right?


He's here.


He's still in front of me. One more time Sree, it decides your happiness.

God, please don't make this a dream. I

me, Sree ?'' He asked out of nowhere frowning.

''No Karthik. I never regretted marrying you. You gave me no reason to complain let alone regret. You've been the best husband anyone could get. When I find you with Anvika, I felt betrayed for a second but just one look at your eyes anyone can tell you're not doing that wontedly. I was just upset about the fact that you didn't tell me about your social status for a few minutes but later its kinda fun testing your patience. The moment you said you liked me was the best day of my life. I thought you were forced to marry me. When I find out your social status I kinda freaked out thinking I'm not the right match for you. But the way mom dealt with Mrs.Sharma and the way you introduced me to your friends like I'm some precious thing in your eyes made me realize my stupidity. Now when you kissed me I felt like I was born again. I felt it like a new life. A new life with you'' I said looking into his eyes. I don't know how I got the courage to tell him all these things but I knew it is the beginning of everything.

He grinned at me and crashed his lips on mine. Again.

That was the moment I realize I was falling for husband really hard.

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