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Karthik Pov:

"You know what, be that way. I'll just give a call to Ved and ask him to-" I didn't let her complete the sentence. I just crashed my lips to hers.

I kissed her.

Without her consent.

Did I regret it?

Not a bit!

At first, she was stunned by my sudden punishment but gave in eventually. Her lips were so soft and tasted like cherries. I was never a fan of cherries in my whole life but from now they are going to be my new favorites. She leaned into the kiss after a few seconds and smiled. Now I'm sure she'll not regret it. Slowly I encircled my arms around her waist and she did the same around my neck intertwining her fingers in my hair.

Trust me! It took all my strength not to take her right now.

The kiss makes me drowsy. It's like I was drugged.

Drugged by her kiss.

I just want to stay like this forever just kissing her. Sadly we need to let go of each other due to lack of oxygen. I frowned a little for letting her go.

"Please don't tell me you regret this, " she said frowning.

I should be the one who should ask the question. Not the other way around!

''Why do you think I'll regret it?'' I said feeling offended.

''Because you're frowning?'' It sounded more like a question.

"I'm frowning because this is not the way I wanted to have my first kiss, " I said scratching my neck.

"FIRST KISS?" She half yelled.

"I mean to say our first kiss, " I said laughing nervously.

My first ever kiss!

"Thank god" she muttered to herself.

If she only knows!

"It almost felt like my first kiss too. Actually, our kiss removed the traces of my past" she added looking everywhere but me. I know she had a boyfriend during her college days.

"You can tell me anything you know... I don't judge you just because you have a past" I said softly.

"Umm I-I can't hide it from you any-anymore K-Karthik. I-I'm not pure. I used to have a b-boy-boyfriend in college a-and umm you know.. I-I'm not a v-virgin anymore. I-I c-can understands if you don't want me anymore. It-its just I was so stupid and thought we-we would end up together. And-" I cut her off with another kiss this time it's not out of anger. This time I kissed her because I love her. I want to let her know how much she means

er pretty eyes. And trust me it was a major turn-on.

''Of course, I like you a lot Sree.''

''That means you're interested in me?'' She mumbled frowning.

''What are you talking about-'' then it hit me. I never said it was her that I was talking about. I couldn't take it anymore and started laughing at her. When I tried to control my laughter she started hitting me again.

This time with pillows.

''Don't you dare laugh at me you Idiot'' she yelled and started crying. God! Why can't I do one thing properly? I didn't say anything just hugged her stroking her back. When I was sure she calmed down I started talking to her softly.

''Sree'' she hummed '' Do you want to know her name?''

"Who? " her voice became raspy due to crying.

"The girl I liked, " I said brushing my lips on her head.

''No'' she mumbled burying her face into my chest.

''You need to know'' I said softly.

''Why? '' she mumbled again.

''Because it was YOU Sree. You're the girl who struck my interest at the first sight and you're my first crush. It's always you, Sree. ITS ALWAYS YOU'' I said hugging her. She blinked her eyes several times and smiled like an idiot.

My Idiot.

''M-Me? You're not lying right?'' I shook my head saying no '' OMG it's me. It's me yayy'' she started doing a happy dance on my lap.

'' Wait for a second, then who's your first kiss ?'' She asked me after a while.

''You'' I mumbled burying my head in her neck.

Let's say it is her chance to laugh at me.

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