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Karthik Pov:

"I was in love with someone who didn't reciprocate my feelings. So I left her for good."


Pin drop silence.

I cleared my throat.

"Who's she?" Sreesha asked frowning.

Please god! Not my wife... not my wife... not my wife... I chanted mentally.

I couldn't kill him now even if he dared to utter my wife's name. By the looks of it, Sree would skin me alive, if I lay a finger on him.

"It doesn't matter anymore mouse, she was in a relationship on that time and it looks like she was so in love with him. It was really hard to be here and pretend like nothing happened. So I just left" he said raking his fingers through his hair.

"You could've told me before Ved" its Tej this time.

"You knew?" Sreesha asked him in shock.

"Who wouldn't? He was literally following you guys like a lost puppy" Tej said glaring at Ved.

He was? I should've known if he was following them!

"Hey! I'm not that easy to read okay?" Tej raised an eyebrow at him "hump! Okay maybe I was a little too obvious but who wouldn't, when you love the most amazing girl on earth?" Ved... no dog said with a dreamy look.

"You mean to say you're in love with-" he cut off Sree saying "Yes"

"What? You could've told me or Tej. I would have done something. You wasted a lot of time thinking and running away. Four freaking years! God, Ved how can you be so dumb? That boyfriend was a fake one just to make you jealous. Its Anju's idea to make you jealous so, you would confess your undying love. You could've confronted or even plan a kidnap and marry in our favorite temple. You dumbo! You wasted a lot of time. Now you're here, we'll just plan a wedding directly okay?..."

"What the hell, Sree? I'm right here. Your husband! Do you even remember that you're married? You want to marry him now? What about me huh? Do you want me to become a Devdas? How could you do this to me? Did you arrange a fake boyfriend to make him jealous? I'm not letting you go okay? He lost his chance a long time ago and he's not getting you back. Even if you don't love me, I would never allow you to look at another male. You understand? I wouldn't think twice to tie you to our bed if it is the only way to make you stay with me. Don't leave me Sree. I can't live without you. I'll give you anything and everything you want.

walk out on me? Like I was not talking to him a few seconds ago.


I followed him to our room. He went to washroom closing the door with a loud bang.

I winced.

Arghh it's not my fault that he assumed things. It's not my fault that he's being an idiot and think I would leave him for Ved. He came out after a few minutes and started getting ready to go out.

And now he's leaving me alone here?

Not going to happen, buddy!


Hmm, this guy is getting on my nerves. I hate it when someone gives me the silent treatment.

"Karthik, I'm sorry. "


"Karthik !"


Is he using my weapon on me? I mean, hello! That's my birthright to torture people with silence, not his!

"You know what, be that way. I'll just give a call to Ved and ask him to-" my rant was cut off when a pair of lips landed on mine.

He's kissing me!

Our first kiss!

Now, stop being a statue and kiss him back! For once my mind gave me the best advice.

Announcement time!!

And the kiss felt like... like.. like what? God! I'm lost for words. It felt.. felt arghh stupid brain help me now.


Yes, but something more!

Okay... lets this try again. Sweet?

Still more!

Hmm... Toe-curling?

That would be an understatement.

Let's try again... Earth-shattering?



Omg!! Yes, the kiss is still more than that but I could stick to that word.


And she calls me dumb! This time I forgave that voice because it gave me the right word to describe the kiss.

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