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Karthik Pov:

After their banter and insulting each other with a lot of animal names here we're in our meeting room waiting for my uncle. Dad's arrival put a semicolon to their bickering. I knew it was not the end of their fight. It is going to be fun 😉

"I apologize for the wait Gentlemen" a familiar voice pulled me out of my thoughts. It's my uncle. After exchanging greetings and introducing Anju to uncle we're ready to talk about the current problem.

My wife's safety.

I cleared my throat to get the attention.

"Anju, do you know this number by any chance?" I said handing her the unknown number. She took it and searched for her contacts on her phone.

"No Karthik. I've no clue. Why are you asking me? Whose number is this?" She asked confused.

"Are you sure Anju? Please it's really important" I

"I'm cent per cent sure Karthik, " she said confidently. I really wish it was her who was messaging Sreesha. If it's her, I don't have to worry more, but life doesn't work like that, does it? So I explained everything to her and asked her to not to mention this to anyone. Not even to her close friends which include Sreesha as well. I don't want her to worry about anything.

"What? And you're telling me this now? Is she mad to think that I was the one who is pranking on her? When did I make a prank on her? Okay, maybe I was a prankster but she could've asked me right? Is she playing some detective role or what? I'm going to kill her. Why does she always think positive? This girl needs a brainwash. Wait! What is the use when there is no brain except clay in that stupid head of her...." she was ranting. No one dared to interrupt her. Not even dad or uncle as they're enjoying her ranting.

I wish I had a little sister like her. A cute, stubborn little one. I always wanted a little sister, Nihal was like a brother, so I didn't crave for a brother's love. But sister, I always envy Tej and Sreesha's bond. The way he want

a goodbye, Jerk. Let's hope our paths never cross" she said.

"Oh you wounded me, Angel, " he said feigning hurt look. She rolled her eyes at him and smiled at us bidding bye.

"Okay bro, I'm leaving too. Have a company to run" he muttered and left leaving a very confused Lekha behind.

"You can leave now Lekha and Meet me at the conference hall in 10, " I said not looking at her. I know it was rude but I have a reputation to keep.

"So Saturday it is! " Tej said and I nodded.

Sreesha Pov:

Finally! It's Saturday. The day I finally win Anju's stupid prank. But I was having second thoughts about it. What if it is not Anju? What if it is someone who wants me dead? What if it is a kidnapper?

Yeah right! You're some celebrity who is earning a lakh per minute, so someone played this prank to get you.. use me at least once a day Sreesha! I pity myself for being as your brain.

Here it goes again!

But it is right. Who wants to kidnap a no one like me? Don't think too much Sreesha, you have revenge to take.

'Anju here I come' I thought to leave for the coffee shop.

I reached the coffee day at around 5 to 5. I took a seat near a window making myself comfortable.

''Too eager to meet me sweetheart" a familiar voice stunned me which definitely doesn't belong to Anju.

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