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   Chapter 18 Chapter 18

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Karthik Pov:

After their banter and insulting each other with a lot of animal names here we're in our meeting room waiting for my uncle. Dad's arrival put a semicolon to their bickering. I knew it was not the end of their fight. It is going to be fun 😉

"I apologize for the wait Gentlemen" a familiar voice pulled me out of my thoughts. It's my uncle. After exchanging greetings and introducing Anju to uncle we're ready to talk about the current problem.

My wife's safety.

I cleared my throat to get the attention.

"Anju, do you know this number by any chance?" I said handing her the unknown number. She took it and searched for her con

s someone who wants me dead? What if it is a kidnapper?

Yeah right! You're some celebrity who is earning a lakh per minute, so someone played this prank to get you.. use me at least once a day Sreesha! I pity myself for being as your brain.

Here it goes again!

But it is right. Who wants to kidnap a no one like me? Don't think too much Sreesha, you have revenge to take.

'Anju here I come' I thought to leave for the coffee shop.

I reached the coffee day at around 5 to 5. I took a seat near a window making myself comfortable.

''Too eager to meet me sweetheart" a familiar voice stunned me which definitely doesn't belong to Anju.

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