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Sreesha Pov:

"Bye wifey. Have a good day and miss me" Karthik said stealing a kiss on my cheek when it is time to leave for office.

"Bye. Don't forget to have lunch on time, it's your favorite dish today" I mumbled smiling.

"Really? Then why wait for lunchtime? I'll finish it before that because Nihal will steal my lunch box and wat all by himself saying that he became addicted to your cooking. You know, he became a regular visitor at lunchtime just to taste the food you cooked" he mumbled frowning.

"You're kidding right ?" I asked him surprised by his behavior. These two guys are such kids. And Nihal is the male edition of Anju as far as I know him through Karthik childhood stories.

"Nope, " he said stealing another kiss on my other cheek. The kissing became his daily routine for him. He will give me a kiss when he was going for a jog. And then after coming back from a jog. Before he leaves for the office, after coming home, while cooking, dusting our home... whatever I was doing, he would just sneak behind me to steal a kiss and leave like he didn't do anything with an innocent look on his face.

But he never crosses the limit and kiss on my lips or touches me inappropriately.

He's such a gentleman!

"You could've told me before, then I would've packed food for him too" I mumbled.

"Nah. Do you mind if I invite Nihal and Anvika for lunch this Saturday?" He asked me, looking at his watch.

"Saturday?" I frowned.

"Do you have any plans on Saturday?" He asked disappointed.

"Umm it's just that I've to meet a friend, " I said smirking thinking about Anju's already failed prank.

"A friend? Then why are you smirking? I can tell it's not good, so care to tell me who's this friend of yours?" He said a little annoyed.

"It's just Anju playing a stalker game with me. Messaging me like a creepy dude and asked me to meet her on Saturday. Her pranks were perfect each time but this time it was so lousy, I wouldn't let her win this time" I explained smiling.

His face turned pale and he was stunned. I shook him a little and asked him what happened.

"From when you're getting these messages ?" He asked gripping his mobile phone tightly.

"The day after the party. Why? Is something wrong?" I asked. Worry and anger were evident in his eyes. He was trying hard to act cool. I want to question

e if they eat his body, who knows he might have a lot of STD's. Ewww" she said scowling at the door.

I really pity the guy who tried to mess with her. She was nothing like my Sreesha. Sreesha was sweet, gentle and sensitive where Anju was more like tomboyish, outgoing and can be scary who dare to mess with her.

"Who is he di? Do you know him? Tell me his details and I would like to accompany you with the whole killing plan" Tej said half serious, half amused.

"I don't know Tej, he was just following me everywhere from the moment I entered this office. You really need to hire someone else if he is your employee Karthik. How dare he to stop the elevator and ask me to let him kiss me? Just like that? Does he think that I was an easy lay or something? " she began ranting about what happened in the elevator.

"You let him go after he asked you a kiss?" I asked her even though I know she wouldn't have left him without any harm done.

"I just kicked him where the sun doesn't shine, " she said shrugging like it was nothing where Tej and I winced. No one deserves to be kicked there.

"I'm going to kill her the moment I saw her again" a familiar voice disturbed our conversation.

"You, " said two voices at a time.

"What the hell is she doing here?"

"What the hell is he doing here?"

Were there questions. I put two and two together and glanced at Tej he seems to be doing the same. We looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter. They both glared at us while we laugh more.

Let's say Nihal deserve more than one kick 😉

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