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Sreesha Pov:

I'm back, darling.

Ps- I'll never leave you alone.

Your secret admirer 😏

I stared at the message for a while and burst into laughter. This is definitely her kind of thing.

This Anju needs to work more on her silly pranks I thought, smiling evilly.

I decided to ignore it, but maybe I should have a little fun with Anju feigning fear. It would be great if I win her little game making her loss, right?

Game on Anju! I thought, smirking.

I sent her saying who's dis?

(SA: Secret Admirer, Me: Sreesha)

SA: Told u, sweetheart, dis is ur Secret Admirer.

Very well Anju...

Me: what do u want?

SA: you.

Yeah right!

Me: what?

She might think that her prank was successful, stupid Anju. Wait and see Anju, I would love to share your unsuccessful prank to everyone in our group and take my revenge for the other pranks you played on me.

SA: yes Sweetheart, I want to meet you personally. Don't you want to meet your Admirer?

Meet me at Coffee day.

Saturday at 5 Pm.

Goodbye 😘😘😘

This girl is behaving too weird these days I thought, shaking my head.

Karthik Pov:

I reached my office in record time and didn't bother to return the greetings from my employees. There were more important things to take care of than returning their greetings.

I sprinted into my cabin and apologized dad and uncle for being late who were already waiting here for some time. Dad called the reception asking to send them in.

Two guys and a girl entered my cabin. The two burly men were looking alike with a trained stoic face. The women next to them is not a helper material at all. She looks like a runway model.

If I take her home saying that she's a helper, Sree would give me 'do you think I'm that dumb' look and dwell on her insecurities. I don't want to add more than she already had.

I already learned my lesson a few days ago.

"Dad! She doesn't look like a helper" I whisper yelled at my dad.

"Then tell Sreesha that she was your long lost cousin or something Karthik." He said, annoyed.

Long lost cousin? Yeah right! I thought sarcastically.

"Karthik, this is Ron and Sean. Sreesha's bodyguards outside the house. And she is Julie, your long lost cousin for your wife but just an employee for you. Clear?" He said in his usual dominant voice. He can be scary if he wants to. "Prepare a story to tell your wife about her" he added.

Just wait until mom knows about this arrangement and I'll have fun watching you sulk.

"We need to inform this arrangement to Tej, he already threatened me to kill if I ever hide something about Sreesha's safety, " I said sulking.

That guy can be scary at times!

"You're afraid of that kid ?" Dad and uncle said at the same time.

"Believe me, He can be scary when it comes to his sister's safety, " I said sighing.

"I like him already, " Uncle said with an amused look.

I called and asked Tej to stop by my office as soon as possi

Just one and you're out. Clear? "

"Yes sir" her voice faltered but she did a good job hiding it. I gave her a stiff nod and asked her to follow me. I can't wait to spend some time with Sree.

Sreesha Pov:

''Sreesha's World famous chicken curry ready. Now Mr Karthik Shekhar, would you please taste this and let me know what you think about my recipe?'' I said mimicking the anchor in a cookery show.

"I would love to Mrs Sreesha Karthik, will you please pass me the bowl so I can taste your world-famous chicken curry?" Karthik's voice startled me.

"Karthik" I gasped "you're not supposed to hear my words" I stated, crossing my arms across my chest.

"Its quite entertaining thou, " he said taking the curry from me and tasted it like a professional chef who's trying to judge his assistant. I rolled my eyes and crossed my hands.

"Yum yum" he said licking the spoon he just used to taste the chicken.

"You like it? "

"Love it" he said kissing my cheek whispering 'this tastes better'. I slapped his hand away from my waist.

"I want you to meet someone, " he said suddenly.

"Who? " I asked, already feeling uncomfortable.

"Julie" he called someone. I seriously hope it was a dog. To my disappointment, it was a girl, a beautiful one in that."Sree, this is Julie my cousin and Julie this is my wife Sreesha". We shook our hands. She seems to be polite but there is this dangerous aura around her which gives a warning 'don't mess with me unless you have a death wish'.

"She's facing some problems in her personal life right now. So, I kind of offered her to stay here with us for a few days. She will be staying in the guest house in the backyard. You're okay with this arrangement, right?" He said hesitantly as if I will say No. I'd have said no if this is my house, but it is his. Who am I to make decisions? This is his house. He can allow anyone to stay here. I nodded, he smiled thanking me.

Our relationship will be fine right?

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