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Karthik pov:

"Karthik, why don't you let the ladies talk and we go to my study. We have to pay attention to our main branch" dad said making me alert. His voice told me it is an emergency.

"Sure dad, give me a minute, " I said, dad nodded and left.

There is something odd in his tone. It was like something was bothering him or rather is it, someone? I better go talk to him as soon as possible.

"I'll be back soon. We'll leave after having breakfast" I whispered while brushing my lips to her cheek, looking into her eyes. I can spend ages just looking at her eyes and doing nothing.

God, I'm so whipped.

"Don't you want to be with your parents. I mean umm you don't want to live here ?" She asked me looking down.

"We'll shift here soon if you want to, but now I need to sort out some issues, so we need to stay there for a while. And we need some alone time" I said caressing her cheek, her eyes bulged hearing those words.

"I'm talking about getting to know each other Sree" I added kissing her forehead leaving her alone with her thoughts. I need to try more to make her comfortable around me.

I didn't trust my ears when she confessed that she likes me too. I nearly believed her words when she said I was daydreaming. If it isn't for her smirk, I could've thought she didn't kiss me and all that had happened was nothing but a dream. It got paid off when I kissed her cheeks though. She was as red as a tomato. I thought of teasing her a bit but got carried away, her alluring scent drives me crazy every time when I was near her. If it isn't for the sigh that escaped from her lips, I would've done something drastic that she might regret later. When I look at her eyes there is uncertainty in them. So I left her saying something along with the words wifey when all I wanted to do was to continue what I started. I just want to re-live those moments again.


I knocked on dad's office door before entering and stopped in my tracks when I come face to face with the least expected person waiting for me. After many years there was a peaceful smile on his face, not a forced one. When he met my gaze his smiled widened and his face lit up like a 100-watt bulb in a dark room.

"Well... well if it isn't my favorite nephew.." he started, I cut him off saying "Uncle, I'm your only nephew. How are you? Are you taking care of your health?" I bombarded him with my queries.

"I'm fine Karthik, stop worrying about me. You don't know how happy you made me that my heart might have burst with all this happiness you threw at me" he said patting my back with a trace of tears in his eyes.

"I've my selfish reason for doing this, Uncle. So please stop praising me" I mumbled looking away.


Nihal. You know that guy was a prankster. I didn't take them seriously until I found a note this morning with a photo of you both and a cross mark on Sreesha's face" he said looking down.

"Can I see them?" I said gulping. He handed me an envelope. There are like 5 printed notes and one with a photo of us hand in hand looking at each other. I turned the photo my eyes bulged when I read those lines.

Enjoy with her while you can Karthik Shekhar.I'll get rid of her as soon as possible.

The red mark suits her well don't you think?

I wonder how she screams when I slice her throat.

- your (Her) worst Nightmare.

Sreesha Pov:

Karthik was silent throughout breakfast and our drive to home.

When I touched his hand, he gave me a relieved smile and squeezed my hand reassuringly.

I know something is eating him. It must be the main branch which dad mentioned a while ago.

After his meeting with dad, they both were completely closed off. Sensing their mood, mom too had her food silently.

Whatever it is, I want the problem to solve as soon as possible. I want my jovial husband back. Not the moody one who is checking the rare mirror every ticking second.

When the car stopped, I got down first and was about to unlock the door but dropped them when he tugged my hand and pulled me into his embrace.

A very familiar feeling warmed my heart making it jump like a monkey.

"I will miss you, Sree, " he said releasing me.

He picked the keys and unlocked the door and waited until I closed the door.... in a daze.

God, I like him so much.

After taking care of a few things I started preparing lunch for both of us, in case if he returns home early.

My phone vibrated indicating a new message.

I'm back, darling.

Ps- I'll never leave you alone.

Your secret admirer 😏

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