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Sreesha pov:

I've been listening to Karthik's heartbeat while trying hard not to draw circles on his broad chest with my fingers. He looks so peaceful while sleeping almost like an infant.

I wonder how he looked when he was a child. Did he chew his thumb like Tej, when he was still 5? Was he cute? Or chubby?

He stirred in his sleep. However he might be, he must have been a very cute kid. I stopped myself from pinching his cheeks.

I couldn't help a blush that was creeping on my cheeks by the way our bodies entangled to each other. His hand was on my waist holding it almost possessively while his other hand is under my head as a pillow.

Do I have to rise just yet? I sighed in frustration. I don't want to free myself from him. I want him to hold me forever just like this. I don't need anything except for him.

But..... I'm a woman. And I have a lot of work to do that includes pleasing my in-laws though they treat me like their daughter.

I untangled slowly, trying not to wake him. This is quite a task for me every day. In our 2 weeks time, I've never got out of bed without waking him in the process. When he wakes up, he would just smile the glacier melting smile and kiss my head saying 'Good morning' and then sleep turning the other side.

He's such a baby I tell you..

When I was almost celebrating my victory of mission 'not waking up Karthik', he slowly opened his eyes smiling a cheekily. I sighed.

I failed.... Yet again.

"Good morning, Sree" he murmured holding my hand placing a lingering kiss on it.

"Good morning, you get some sleep. I'll go and help mom" I said trying to free my hand from his.

"But I want to show you something first" he said getting down. "Just don't turn around" he added holding my shoulders so I can only see him... and him alone.

I'm not complaining! I love watching him... if he knows, he'll think I'm his stalker.

His very personal stalker, Who has every right to stalk him 24/7.

He turned me slowly to our bed's headboard. What is there to look...... I stopped whatever running in my mind.

I was looking at one of the most memorable moments of my life.... Our life. A wall-sized painting of me.. of us... of our marriage.

In that painting, Karthik was applying Sindoor on my forehead and I was looking at him with a quizzical look yet a small smile playing on the curve of my lips.

Was I actually smiling at him, when he was applying Sindoor?

Didn't my parents hold the ceremony against my wish?

Then how can I smile?

Was it the painters' imagination or....

"If it isn't for that smile, I would have thought our union would be hopeless. You gave me hope, Sree. Hope to make our marriage work, to make u happy, and someday to

he doesn't love you so much" Karthik said looking past his mother's shoulder where dad is standing with his hands folded watching the dramatics of mom.

"I wonder the same dear boy, if not for the love I have for you both, I'd been in Himalayas doing whatever saints to for peace of mind, " dad said rolling his eyes, a smile playing on his lips.

"Both? Who the hell is the other woman? And how dare you to keep this from me? I'm going to tear u part by part.... "

"I'm talking about our Karthik, wifey. I have had my hands full from the day I tied a knot to you. How can I handle one more woman? No thank you" he said giving her a dramatic bow.

Karthik is watching them with a bored look on his face as if it happens every day. If it is, I pity him.

"Oh our son Karthik? Yeah... I'd like to share your love with him. The things I do for family" she said shaking her head and nodded understandingly suddenly turning towards me "Sreesha, on another note, think before you pop children out, you will be expected to share your husband's love with them. Who knows, they might love our children more than us." she said nodding to herself.

"Mom... you know I love you. But don't turn her into you. Dad and I only have enough patience to deal with you. Please no more" he said throwing his hands in the air.

"How could you say that to your mother, Karthik" she gasped dramatically.

"Mom! " Karthik said impatiently.

"Karthik, why don't you let the women talk and we go to my study. We have to pay attention to our main branch" dad said stressing the last words.

Is something wrong with his company?

"Now, shall I have my daughter to myself so I can give her a tour of her new home?" Mom said rolling her eyes. To which Karthik nodded, with a serious look on his face. Mom left giving us some privacy.

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