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Sreesha Pov:

"Girls, this is my husband Karthik" the trio gasped with their mouths hanging open giving me Have-you-gone-mad look. Veni was more shocked than the other two.

"Please tell me you're kidding Sree" Veni mumbled frowning.

"I'm not kidding Veni " I mumbled frowning.

"Oh my god!! Sree you married him? Like seriously? Now I know why you didn't invite us to your wedding, is it because to avoid media and attention? " Anju started her usual babbling.

"Why didn't you tell us that you married The Karthik Shekhar" Niya demanded. I glanced at Karthik and Tej sending them an accusing glare for pushing into this situation. Karthik sent an apologetic look while Tej was looking everywhere but me.

What Am I going to tell them? Like seriously? I didn't even know anything about him other than his name until now. All this time my parents fed me lies saying he's just a normal employee. Yeah normal, like hell he is!

But I can't let my friends know what is going on in my marriage life. It's not a good thing to let others involved in our personal life.

"I was about to tell you guys, but you started squealing at the sight of him and never let me finish the sentence " I lied clenching my jaw sending a glare for the both who looked like 'the kids who got caught by their mother while stealing cookies'.

I hate lying to them. They're like my sisters.

"Oh" they said in unison.

"Please don't hurt her" Veni mumbled looking at him.

"Hurt her you've to deal with me" Niya warned.

"Tej will brief you what I could be capable of doing when I was pissed, so do both of us a favour and take care of my best friend. Am I making myself clear ?" Anju said sending him a warning glare making Karthik gulp audibly. No one messes with Anjali Desai.

I feel loved when I was with them, they always treat me like I'm some fragile doll, sometimes it irks me but sometimes it makes me feel overwhelmed.

"Crystal" Karthik mumbled frowning "I could never able to hurt her" he added giving me a pleading look.

"Yeah right! Then why the hell is she with you, clinging like a leech on you" Anju asked him raising an eyebrow. I totally forgot about her. When I met her gaze she sent me an apologetic look and cleared her throat gaining everyone's attention.

"Actually, it's not Karthik's fault. I persuaded him to act like my boyfriend to avoid some idiot" meeting Tej's gaze "and it got backfired." She added mumbling disappointedly while Tej trying hard not to laugh at her.

"Let me make it clear, you asked Karthik Shekhar to act like your boyfriend to avoid some idiot, who I presume Tej ?" Anju asked her curiously and she nodded muttering a string of curses. I raised an eyebrow at Tej while he just looked anywhere but me.

"Yeah, " she said glaring at him. If looks could kill he would be under six feet.

"Are you two in a relationship?" I asked her curiously.

"NO" they yelled gaining the attention from others.

'Yeah like we're blind to see the passion behind your glaring eyes' Niya mumbled under her breath making me giggle.

"WHAT jQuery214012123083827372061_1568220273328" they both yelled at the same time making me burst into laughter followed by the trio and Karthik.

We chatted for sometime masking the hurt I felt after knowing who he really was. I'm hurt not because he lied to me but learning the truth from others.

I avoid making any conversation with either Tej or Karthik and let Anju to continue her blabbering. While Anvika avoided Tej like a plague. Even a blind can see that there is something going on between them.

I got to know Anvika is not someone who ruins others life, she's sweet but not naive like me. I would be really happy if they ended up together.

Anvika and my friends left saying there was an important work for them leaving me alone with my husband and brother.

They lead me to a VIP suite and stayed silent giving each other you-caused-this-mess-you-fix-it look.

I was about to walk out on them when a tug on my wrist stopped me. I thought it was Karthik to my disappointment its Tej.

"Di! I know you're mad at me but I never lied to you. I never once said to you that he was just some employee, all I did was hiding the truth I knew about him and making sure father never knew about this. If he knew about Karthik before, he would have cancelled the wedding then and there. I want you to be happy Di. And I know he'll make you happy, not because of his wealth or something but because he cares a lot for you" he said emotionally. I almost gave up on his punishment. Almost.

"Drop me home Tej, " I said not giving any clue that I forgave him. Yes. I forgave him a long time ago, but it doesn't mean I forgot everything.

"I'll take you home " Karthik mumbled frowning.

"Excuse me? But, do I know you mister?" I asked him faking innocence.

"BURN" Tej yelled laughing clutching his stomach.

Karthik Pov:

"Sreesha" I pleaded her with my eyes.

"Excuse me? But, Do I know you, Mister? Oh, you must be Mr Karthik Shekhar, the billionaire, and an eligible bachelor" She said with a slight smirk on her face. I know I messed up big time. Wait! Did she call me an eligible bachelor? Means someone fed her a lot of unnecessary information.

"Burn" Tej yelled and started laughing like an idiot. I glared at him. If looks could kill he would be under six feet now.

God! Why do I have to interfere with my best friend's love life? Why does she has to be here at the same time Anvika trying to show off me to her so-called idiot that we're together? Why does Tej have to be her longtime crush, who we had to make jealous? Why does he have to laugh at my expense? Why God? Why me? Why not someone else who cheat on their wives?

"Tej, are you going to drop me or do I've to call a cab ?" she asked him in a no-nonsense tone.

"I said I'll take you home, " I said annoyed by her behavior. In these

on to my eyes. It felt like he was living the same moment as mine. Same dream as mine.

"They are like chocolate. Dark chocolate. Yum" those words slipped out without me knowing. The smile which spread on his face is worth millions.

"They are? " I don't know whether his question is for the chocolate thing or the millions thing but either way, I nodded yes still in his trance.

"Do you think you can get away after that little stunt you pulled in the living room?" he said in a husky voice snapping me out of the trance.

"M-Me? Wh-what did I d-do ?" Damn this closeness is not helping with my acting skills.

'Didn't his mom tell him to stay away from girls?' I thought to pout.

"Hmm... let me think" He said rubbing his chin pretending to remember ″you may or may not kissed my cheek and pretended like you never did ?″ He added.

″Pfft. Me? Kissing you? Nope. You must be..... daydreaming. Yeah. Daydreaming" I stuttered.

'Smooth Sreesha. Really smooth. Daydreaming? Can't you think anything better?'

"You're right. This must be a dream. I should've known you wouldn't kiss me like that, right?" I nodded my head vigorously.

"If it is a dream, I can do whatever I want with you now right? After all, this is just a dream... nothing real and I dream a lot about you" he said feigning innocence now his lips were just a few inches away.

What have I got myself into...

'Told you it's not a good idea' my conscience yelled at me again though I wouldn't mind a kiss didn't this voice scolded me seconds ago?

"Sree" his voice was hoarse a cold shiver ran down my spine.

He is leaning again, I closed my eyes tightly thinking he will kiss me even though he promised that he would wait for my consent. Just when I thought he lips will land on mine... he changed the direction and pecked my cheek. The touch of his soft lips did magic on my skin. If you read all those romantic novels, you would know what I was trying to explain. Sparks, butterflies, shivers what not? I just wish those butterflies stay in their place and won't erupt like a volcano in my stomach when he didn't stop with one kiss.

He started pecking my cheeks making my stomach churn in anticipation.

What if he wants it right now?

What if he forced himself on me now?

What if...

"That my dear wife is called 'tit for tat' " he said smirking. I sighed in relief.

"You think too much, Sree, " he said looking into my eyes.

'He got the most beautiful eyes'

"You think my eyes are beautiful?"


"You should really stop thinking aloud" he added making me blush.

"I'll go and prepare dinner, " I said releasing myself from him. But I miss his touch already. It's not like I was going to admit it to him.....yet.

The next morning he got a call from his mom asking... no more like ordering us to get ready for shopping.

Karthik can't go with us because one, he has a business meeting, this time it was real.

Two, his mother already got a suit for him.

Three Its 'girls day'.

Her words, not mine.

She took me to an expensive shop and started searching for a perfect lehenga for the evening. I hate shopping. She tossed a pile of dresses in my hands and ordered me to try each and every dress? I feel like a model now.

Oh, Joy not.

I tried at least 20 dresses but she still didn't approve of them. I stomped my foot like a kid every time she told me 'next please' or waved her hand to say next. Seriously can she be any weirder than this? Who am I kidding she could do all the weird stuff like a teenage girl. No offence for teenagers thou. It's just that my mom-in-law was weird.

When I stepped outside wearing the next dress and mentally prepared to go and change into another one, she started squealing like a teenager. Like literally squealing and nodded her head furiously.

Approved. Again, no offence for teenagers. No more shopping spree with mom I mentally made a note to myself.

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