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Sreesha POV:

"Oh my god!! Girls look at the entrance it's Karthik Shekhar" she said in her overexcited tone.

My heart skipped a beat listening to my husband's complete name. I turned my gaze to the entrance and my eyes bulged like saucers while my heart broke into million pieces making me numb.

There stood my husband with a woman, who is clinging to his left arm and whispering something in his ears.

The word betrayal couldn't justice to the feeling that was hovering me. I stand there numbly looking at the perfect couple.

Whoever the girl, she is the perfect fit for the word beautiful. The way she carries herself like a dove, gracefully with her head held high. Her every move oozes confidence. Perfect was the one word I wish to describe her. And she is perfect for Karthik.

What the hell am I thinking?

I almost forgot that my friends were standing a foot away from me, I slowly turned my head to only to meet with their teasing smiles except for Veni, for some odd reason she was frowning.

"What happened to my husband is so hot speech? Well, I don't blame you thou, he is such a piece of art, isn't he?" Anju teased winking.

"Who is he exactly? How do you know him?" I asked the questioned that has been eating me.

Maybe he is working under either Anju's dad or Veni's. They both were from rich families but not snobs. Anju, Niya and I were best friends from childhood but Veni joined us when we were in Post Graduation. She was a lonely girl back in college. I know how much it hurts to be alone so I befriended with her. She resisted our interference at first but gave up on her stubbornness after a strong lecture from Anju.

"Sreesha! Are you living under a rock?" Anju asked sarcastically.

"Can you blame her? She has been living under her father's wing for years. Cut her some slack girls" Niya came to my rescue. Anju rolled her eyes at us.

"Really though, we can't blame you. He strictly prohibits Paparazzi on his premises. It's a miracle to get to see him in person except for Veni " Anju said sending a teasing smile at Veni "He, my sweetheart, is Karthik Shekhar, the heir of Shekhar 's businesses all over the world and fortune. A few years ago he started hotels and resorts with the name SreeKar and quite successful in both. He is a freaking heartthrob billionaire and single. For the first time, Google could not help you to search for his images. You can only get a few which were secretly snapped of course" Anju explained in one go.



Only Veni can meet him in person? Why?


Did she just say SINGLE?

"Did you just say single, Anju?" I asked her to gritting my teeth.

"Of course, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, " Niya said excitedly.

"Isn't that Anvika Sharma? Why is she clinging to him like that?" Veni mumbled worriedly "Please tell me they are not dating" she squeaked.

And please tell me my best friend is not in love with my husband!

Wait for a second! Who's Anvika freaking Sharma again?

"You don't know her too?" I shook my head negatively "That girl there clinging to him like a leech is Anvika Sharma, Sharma's heir. Don't worry V

t Nihal?" I said glaring at her.

"It's important for me, Karthik. I won't bother you again. Just this once, okay? And did you just said Nihal? Who doesn't know about that certified player who doesn't do girlfriends? Just yesterday I found him all over the news with a blonde and today with another girl with jet black hair and I don't even want to know about tomorrow. Who would believe if I say he's my boyfriend?" She half yelled, making funny faces.

"In case you forgot I am married! What were you going to do about it?" I stated calmly.

"Your marriage is not public yet, Karthik. So don't worry" she said looking through the window.

"Who is this person that you hell-bent on fooling?" I mumbled.

"You will meet him soon. Just act like a boyfriend okay? "She said sternly.

We reached our destination; she reached me clinging to my left arm.

"Is it necessary?" I asked gritting my teeth. Sure we're friends since childhood but what if Sree sees us like this and think I was cheating on her?

"VERY" she stressed the word, gritting her teeth.

There is no way Sree would find out, she is somewhere with her friends now. I'll explain everything to her in the evening.

"Smile a little, there are people looking at us. He must be somewhere here. Drop that cold attitude for once in your life. Nihal said that you were smiling like a fool in the office, why can't you make a fake smile for me?" Anvika hissed in my ear, I rolled my eyes leading her to our table. I could hear a few girls squealing my name but as usual, I didn't pay a heed to them.

Suddenly someone yanked Anvika from me, a hand swung towards me but stopped before it reaches my face.

To my utter shock, the hand belongs to none other than Tej.

Sheesha's brother.

He was as bewildered as me.

When he put the pieces together, he started laughing like an idiot pointing at Anvika who was too shocked to utter a word.

When he gets a hold of himself, he glanced around the place and smirked.

Why in the world is he smirking at me?

I followed his gaze and met with a pair of furious soft brown eyes.


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