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Sreesha Pov:

I've had a great time talking to him. He is sweet, gentle, caring and most importantly not like my


Do you think it is weird to start trusting him in this short span of time?

I sighed. I don't have any work to do and no one to talk.

So, I started cleaning the already spotless house while listening to music. I love soft music. I started dancing along with the beat and didn't sense that someone was watching me dance.

"Woah! I don't know that you could dance this gracefully" A familiar voice startled me. Standing at the entrance with hands folding across her was my mom-in-law. Oops sorry, mom.

"I..I'm sorry aun- Er.. mom " I apologized looking down.

"Yes. You should be sorry" oh no! She's mad at me now. Stupid Sreesha who told you to dance

Like you own this place? Just because he said the house is ours doesn't mean you

Mother-in-law agrees with him. It is her son's house and you don't have a right to rule it.

" How dare you to dance all alone? You could've at least invited me to join the party" she said, Winking.

"What?" I think I didn't hear properly.

Surely I'd some problem! I was hearing things.

Maybe I need to consult ENT specialist.

"You could've called me you know. How could you enjoy all alone? How could you forget me? Me? Your mom!" she exclaimed exasperated, feigning an angry look.

Is she even my mother-in-law? Aren't all mother in laws supposed to be rude and cunning? Did she want to dance with me? Her Daughter-in-law?

I wonder if she's from Planet Mars!

She's weird... No that would be an understatement.

"Umm I'll prepare some coffee for you, m- mom, " I said trying to escape from her. It takes some time to get used to calling her mom without stuttering or getting confused.

"No dear. Come we'll dance first and then I'll prepare lunch for us" she said changing the song to rock music and turned up the volume to maximum. And then she started swaying her hip like a pro, for a 50 years old lady her moves were perfect. She dragged me along with her. In no time we started dancing like crazy teenagers. Laughing and singing along with songs. Our concert ended when my mobile showed low battery sign. We're still giggling like teenage girls who gossip about hot guys.

"I'll go and prepare lunch for us, you take rest mom. You look tired" I said after a while.

"No Sreesha, I'll cook for us today, your husband will be here soon anyway, " she said with a knowing look and started preparing food while I prepared dessert. Kheer. Yummy. I hope he will like it.

"Kheer smells yummy dear; I wish I could finish it without sharing with others. But sadly you made it for your husband, not for me" she said pouting. Pouting? Weird... She's acting like a kid now.

Okay... now I'm going insane!

My mother-in-law who was supposed to give me a hard time was asking me to call her mom, then danced with me like a crazy teenage girl and now she's pouting?

What is it, a daily soap?

What is wrong with this family?

Please tell me at least my FIL is sane!

"Mom, I prepared it for you too. Umm, wait I'll serve you some" I said searching for a bowl.

"Haha Sreesha, I was just teasing you. Don't take everything serious dear" she said in a soft voice which I never heard from my mother all my life. This is the care I was craving for, this was the way I wish my mother would talk to me.

"Oh dear, don't cry now. I told you, I was just kidding" she said hugging me.

"No mom, I'm fine. I just find out what I was looking for all my life and got carried away" I said still hugging her back.

"Umm Am I disturbing something?" I heard a familiar voice said behind me and I stilled.

"Yes. You just spoiled our mother-daughter bonding. Who told you to come early from office" she said feigning a stern look. I giggled.

"I thought she was all alone here and finished my meeting as soon as possible. I don't know you were here to steal my place" he said rolling his eyes at her.

I gave him a small smile while taking his briefcase from him, so he could relax. I noticed a bunch of red roses in his other hand. Before I could ask him anything mom beat me to it.

"Karthik Sekhar, are those roses in your hand? Please god, please tell me I'm not dreaming. I did not know my son could be this romantic" she said joining her palms together, looking at the sky dramatically.

And then suddenly she started searching every room for something.

"Umm mom, what are you searching for?" he asked using his irritated voice.

"I am searching for my son. I'm sure you're not my son! Surely, there must be some mistake. He should be somewhere here. You know him right, he's always moody, brooding, workaholic and not to mention his mood swings were worse than a pregnant woman" she said and continued searching.

"Mom, drop it already!" he sighed rubbing his forehead frustrated. I burst into fits of laughter seeing him suffer.

Sounds evil, I know. But can you blame me? His mother was teasing him like hell.

"My son, Karthik, do not like buying flowers or to even go near a flower shop. But you bought flowers with your own hands, that too, red roses. Who would've thought the infamous cold-hearted busi.....umm I mean Karthik Sekhar will go to a mere flower shop to please his wife?" quoting mere flower shop, she started teasing him while his face turned red.

Awww he's blushing. He is so cute when he blushes.

"Mom, stop embarrassing me. I bought these for Sreesha. So drop the act and

I need to discuss the party tomorrow" he said with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

What is there to feel nervous about attending a party? I know it's a big deal for me as I'm not a

Social butterfly but why did he feel nervous? I was told that he's working as a manager in some

MNC. He might have attended a lot of parties like this. Maybe he is just looking out for me.

He's so sweet I thought smiling a little.

"Don't worry I'll be fine" I reassured him smiling. He nodded but there is still some nervousness, Uncertainty, guilt, and fear in his eyes. Guilt? But why? He placed a long lingering kiss on my forehead before leaving. There is something odd in his behavior today. I brushed off the thoughts and got ready in less than 15min changing into a comfortable chudidar. I don't like to wear makeup unnecessarily. In my view, makeup is only for parties and functions.

As if on a cue, the doorbell rang. I opened the door only to reveal my very pissed off best friend

Veni, wearing her infamous scowl on her face. Before she could say anything I hugged her and said sorry.

She is not like Anju and Niya. She's way more sensible than us. She sighed before speaking.

"I know there must be a strong reason why you didn't invite us to your marriage. I forgave you the moment you said sorry but don't expect the same reaction from the evil duo (Niya and

Anju)" she said sighing. I was relieved; at least one of my best friends understood me without any explanations.

"Thanks" I mumbled hugging her tightly.

We reached the destination in 30min and I gulped audibly looking at the expensive restaurant which looks like no less than Lion's den for me. I felt underdressed, but who cares?

"They will understand, don't worry, " Veni said comforting me. I nodded and entered the restaurant only to get attacked by their hugs.

"I missed you so much Sree, " they both said at a time making me frown.

Aren't they planning my death a while ago? I thought to myself.

"Don't be surprised by our behavior, Just a few minutes ago Tej called me and explained the reason why you didn't contact us. We're so sorry for misunderstanding you."Niya said and hugged me soon it turned into a group hug.

I don't want to know what reason Tej told to calm down them because it saved me from an awkward conversation.

How did he know that I'm meeting my friends?


Thanks, Karthik and Tej I thought with a smile. Tej saved me all the time from troubles, Sometimes even from my father's wrath. But why didn't he help me to run away from my marriage? I'm not regretting this marriage but I need answers.

Think I need to pay a visit to my parent's house soon.

"So, tell us about this husband of yours. What is his name?" they started bombarding me with lots of questions.

"Is he hot?" Anju added smirking.

"Yes, " I told them shyly.

They awed and asked me to continue.

"His name is Karthik" I mumbled shyly.

"Oh my god! Sree, you're blushing! Someone is having a tiny winy crush on their husband huh?!?" Anju started teasing me just to add more color to my already red cheeks.

"Okay, Karthik what?" this time it is Niya.

"Umm, its Karthik sh-" I was cut off by overexcited Anju's voice.

"Oh my god! Girls look at the entrance it's Karthik Shekhar" she said in her overexcited tone.

My heart skipped a beat listening to my husband's complete name. I turned my gaze to the entrance and my eyes bulged like saucers while my heart broke into million pieces making me numb.

There stood my husband with a beautiful woman no less than a modal, who is clinging to his left arm and whispering something in his ears.

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