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   Chapter 9 Chapter 9

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Sreesha POV:

After years I've had the best sleep in my life. I sighed in content but frowned when I felt a heavyweight on my waist holding me in place. A rhythmic beat of lub-dub started to lull me back to sleep. It was so steady....... So melodious... and much more addictive.

Whoever was playing the kind of music should be rewarded a ransom amount of precious jewels in the world.

A hot wind tickled the space between my neck and the earlobe. I sighed annoyed. My mind screamed at me for not closing the blinds properly. It can be cranky if I didn't get enough sleep and will show me hell the next day.

My eyes fluttered open when I felt a heavyweight on my waist squeezing the life out of me. My eyes landed on a muscular hand around my waist. I can feel the presence of a hard chest against my back. My eyes wide opened when my senses started working. I asked Karthik to share the bed last night and somehow we ended up in each other's embrace. The music I heard in my sleep was Karthik's heartbeat and the hot wind on my neck was his breath. My lips turned up at how perfect we fit together but turned down when a thought crossed my mind.

What if I look like a monkey with my bed hair and not to mention the morning breath. My hand clasped my mouth almost immediately. It was a real struggle to turn around to face him and I'm sure as hell it would be a dangerous feat to get out of the bed without waking him up.

I almost gasped when I faced him. How can someone look this gorgeous while sleeping? A series of sweat beads adorned his forehead. Only he can look beautiful even with a little sweat on him. I tried to wipe his sweat away but stopped myself when his eyebrows creased a little. He was sleeping like an adorable kid with his mouth a little agape.

A few minutes later, I tried to release his grip on me but failed miserably as it tightened making it hard to breathe. Having no other choice, I shook him a little.

His dark chocolate coloured eyes greeted my brown ones. He frowned a little and threw a questioning look at me. When I gestured our position, he almost jumped out of the bed and apologized.

"I'm sorry, Sreesha" he mumbled sleepily.

I smiled a little and asked him to go back to sleep and I head to the washroom to get ready.

He was not there when I returned from the washroom. His mother mentioned, he has a habit to workout early in the morning. I shrugged and make my way to the kitchen to start cooking.

I was fixing his coffee and his favourite breakfast when he entered the kitchen looking fresh.

"Good morning" he greeted, dropping a kiss on my forehead making me blush. I greeted him back and continued working on his breakfast.

"Didn't I tell you to not to step inside the kitchen and that I was going to hire help?" he asked displeased. I forgot he asked rather ordered me to stay away from the kitchen but what am I going to do all the day if he hires someone to take care of our home? I'm not someone to sit and enjoy the luxuries, I would rather work than stay as a trophy wife.

"Please don't" I mumbled in a small voice "I can't stay idle and let someone do my work. I love cooking. I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention to my task yesterday but I promise from now on I'll be careful" I know my mouth has its own brain but I never knew to this extent. I defied him, twice already. I heard him sigh and


"Can't I visit my childhood best friend?" he gasped dramatically.

He is such a drama queen I tell you...

"The reason, Nihal. I know you were in France from the past fifteen days courting your flavour of the month. So tell me why you are here" I stated.

"Flavor of the month? Don't paint me as a player okay? I thought she was the one for me and followed her to France but Alas! She was just as boring as others. I just hope I'll find the one in the coming five years" he said sulkily with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Five years means more girls to try!

And he says I was painting him as a player!

"So? My dear oh sweetest best friend who was once a coldhearted jerk! Please tell me the reason of those smiles that somehow managed to create havoc in your company? I just got a call from a little birdy asking me to check on their CEO as his behaviour was quite unusual" he taunted.

"So here I am! His very loyal best friend, Nihal Malhotra" he announced himself.

"Tell me again, why am I still friends with you?" I groaned.

"Because I am irresistible, " he said grinning cockily.

"So? How's married life treating you? " he asked, smiling with a genuine interest.

"It is good. We're good" I answered him, smiling.

"I'm happy for you, Karthik, " He said sincerely.

"I want to personally thank your wife, my bhabhi, for making you happy. I'm quite vexed with your brooding self and was ready to dump your butt until a few minutes ago" he teased again.

Wasn't I that bad okay?

"When were you planning to introduce her to us?" swinging his chair back and forth. I still wonder how he manages to get all those profits to his company behaving like this.

Like seriously! Who will be scared of him if he acts like this?

"She doesn't know anything about me yet, Nihal. Maybe soon if the fate allows" I said sulking.

I hate lying to her. I want nothing but to reveal all the secrets about me and my family. But first I need to earn her trust.

"S-sir, you've am-meeting in t-ten minutes " Lekha interrupted us. The I-am-always confident composure replaced with a stuttering mess.

Maybe I was acting weird I thought sighing.

Nihal smirked giving a look that says see-what-you-have-done-to-my-next-prey.

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