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   Chapter 8 Chapter 8

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Sreesha POV:

Flashing a warm smile at me, my MIL waved her hand gesturing me to join them.

Making my way towards them, I forced a smile on my lips before bending to touch her feet. It is a rule in my family to take blessings from elders.

A soft hand wrapped around my wrist stopping me. My MIL stopped me from taking her blessings.


Is she mad that I allowed her son into the kitchen?

It's not my fault that her son decides to invade my supposed kingdom!

"Karthik, why don't you check on those dishes while we catch up on things?" She suggested Karthik, who granted her wish immediately, grinning he left to the left but not before dropping a kiss on her cheek.

What kind of a husband is he, to leave me, a prey, alone with this hungry lioness?

Did she just said 'catch up'? Yeah right! I prefer 'a sweet warning' better.

I'm sure a very torturous lecture is waiting for me in the backyard, where she is dragging me at the moment.

She stopped right next to the Rose garden. We're silent for a couple of minutes. She was tracing the petals of Roses.

Is she the one who planted them here?

"What am I to you, Sreesha?" She asked suddenly.


Does she have short term memory loss? Duh! You gave me your son! How can you forget such an important detail of your life.

"My M-Mother in law" did I just stutter?

This is our first conversation, where I was allowed to answer so it is okay to be nervous I guess.

"I- I'm sorry for making him cook. He insisted and I don't have a choice but to obey him. Please don't be mad at me" Pathetic. I know. But I don't really want to get on her bad side just yet. It is, after all, my second day as a married woman.

"Sreesha" she sighed, shaking her head "what is wrong in allowing your husband in the kitchen?" her eyes were not furious so she is not being sarcastic. Her voice is not on edge, so guess I'm safe.

"My mother said, it is a great failure as a wife if we allow our husbands in the kitchen and the kitchen belongs to the women-only" I mumbled an answer for her earlier query.

"Okay. Why do you try to touch my feet earlier?" She aimed another question at me.

Women! What is this? A 20-20 question game? We're too old to play that!

"To show respect. In my parent's house, it is must to touch elders feet to take their blessings" I don't want her to waste her time asking why, So I explained.

"What do you think about my son? " her eyes glinted with curiousness.


Have a smile that can melt a glacier?

Have a body that I can drool on just by thinking about it?

"He is nice" I've to keep it minimal. I couldn't fight the smile appeared on my face.

Those thoughts belong to me and I'm going to claim copyrights for them!

"What were my words yesterday before I leave?" She asked me raising an eyebrow.

"That you raised him better than I think " I mumbled.

What is she trying to prove?

"Do you agree on what I said yesterday?" I nodded positively.

Of course, she is right about it! Indeed, She raised him better.

"Good. Sreesha, let's start from my first question okay? " I nodded.

"There is nothing wrong i

are happy tears but each time I see tears in your eyes, they make me feel useless. I want to take away all your pain, if only it is that easy" he sighed, drawing his hand through his silky soft hair.

I want to touch it very badly to know if it really as silky as it seems.

"I'm sorry" I apologized.

"Sreesha" he sighed "please don't say sorry when there is nothing wrong on your part" he added before leaving me alone.

When I said, I love food, I mean it. But the amount of food on my plate is too much. I tried to protest when mom tried to add some more but one look from her is all it took me to shut up and eat.

I must have done some good deeds in my previous life, so God must have pitied me and sent me an angel who can cook delicious food.

How can a guy can cook so good? Tej was a big disaster in the kitchen. I couldn't help the moan escaped my lips much to my embarrassment. They laughed out loud. While Karthik was looking at me with an unknown emotion in his eyes.

His parents left after bidding goodbye. I asked them to stay but they left saying we need some alone time to get to know each other better.

It was awkward to see him arranging a pillow on the couch ready to sleep.

My mouth went dry when I tried to talk to him.

One night on that couch is enough to have a sour neck in the morning. It's like a death trap.

"Do you want to ask me anything?" His voice snapped me from whatever thoughts I was in.

How the hell did he know that I want to talk to him?

"What is it, Sreesha? " he asked walking towards the bed. I gulped.

"I- umm you... bed" I sound so stupid!

"Hey calm down. Remember we're taking it slow. I will never touch you without your consent. Now tell me what is it?" He said gently.

"You can sleep here on the bed. Umm t-this is big enough for us, two" I stuttered.

He wouldn't think bad of me, right?

"Are you sure? " his question surprised me. I nodded.

"Thank you." he said taking the other side of the bed. I switched off the light and got into the bed.

"Goodnight, Sree" he mumbled.

"Goodnight" I whispered.

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