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   Chapter 128 Leaving the tower (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 9176

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"What do you want to do with him?" Ed asked Nti Anem.

"Let's leave the tower. When we are out, you give him to me." he said and Ed looked away and started climbing the stairs.

"Young Man, let go of the young master and I will do whatever you ask." an elderly man walked up.

"Oh? You are much stronger than the boy yet you did not come and help him out?" Nti Anem asked and the man only glanced at him.

"My job is only to interfere when the young master is about to die. It is not my job to fight his battles." the man said and Nti Anem snorted.

"Well, you will not be getting you pay then. We will be extracting the eternal fire from him." he said.

"You don't care for how the Fu clan will react?"

"Must be a great clan. Of course I care. We must visit them to make use of their anger to horn ourselves." Nti Anem said. He did not seem to notice the righteous look on his face when he said those words.

"The eternal fire you are talking about cannot be taken just because you wish it. It is useless to take the boy, so hand him over." the man said, but Ed all the while had been acting as though this conversation had nothing to do with him, as he continued climbing the stairs without care. The man was right before him, yet Ed walked past him as those on the stairs gave way for him to pass.

"I don't care how powerful you are, boy. Don't refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit. You do not seem to be from the light realm. It is better you don't provoke those you will not be able to fight." the elder advised, but Ed walked past him without care, causing him to sigh.

"These young ones." he said and flashed before Ed, making to grab Young Master Fu Ed was dragging up the stairs by his hair. Ed slapped his hand away, but the man casually struck Ed, causing him to fly back down the stairs.

"Oho, this is the first time I've seen you struck down. This man must be a soul realization expert from my deduction." Nti Anem said gleefully. Seeing that the boy's companion did not seem alarmed by his show of strength, the man frowned. Is this just a case of a boy wet around the ears or something more? He had grabbed Young Master Fu when he struck the boy away, so he looked at the young master lying limp in his hands and sighed. He made to turn away when he felt a dangerous energy coming from behind him. He dashed out of the way, but his right hand holding Young Master Fu was still struck. It was only a small cut on his arm, but he felt a foreign energy invade his body. He felt every cell in his arm start to die as the energy touched it. In panic he ruthlessly cut the arm off from the shoulder before the energy passed his hand. Then he looked up at Ed now standing ahead of him on the staircase with caution. H

of this fight chapter?"

"Do you want to die? Hurry up and say who it is already. The old man needs to draw his bow and can't be waiting for you!" Nti Anem said.

"That is Unam of the treasure clan." someone said as he watched the old man in the sky.

"He should have died falling from the ox head cliff."

"Did he fake his death?"

"If he was alive all this time, why did he not go back to the clan?"

"The Treasure clan will hunt him down if they know of this." At their continue chatter, Nti Anem shook his head.

"You guys are hopeless." he said.

Ed on the other hand was quite excited to fight a person on soul realization. Even though he was not at the level of the old pervert, he always wanted to know just how strong someone of the soul realization was. Looking at the bow being drawn, he was sure of one thing; the speed of that arrow made of wind, he may not be able to block it. Ed had no shield, so he decided to make one in a hurry. Then his eyes caught something on the bow. The wind arrow had an invincible connection between it and the bow, which was tied to the energy flowing through the old man.

Ed knew that he could not dominate this man. This man could kill him like killing a fly, but was too cautious of his odd energy to fight freely. He only had one chance to win this fight, and it may kill him. He rotated his energy and watched it balefully surround him like a dark cloud. What one did not know was that he was wide open. He wanted that wind arrow to reach him.

The old man released the arrow and it tore through the air at a speed Ed could not follow. The cloudy energy around Ed helped eat away the arrow slightly, but not completely.


It tore through the cloud and pierced Ed right in his chest. One could hear a girl's scream ring through the hall at that moment.

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