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   Chapter 126 Killing their way to the top (3)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4009

Updated: 2019-11-22 22:34

Ed and his crew did not even wait to find out the results between the two teams. They walked away in the heat of the moment. They went quite a way before Ku Jian noticed that her blank card was getting slightly grey.

"Eh?!" she exclaimed and Nti Anem glanced at her card.

"You get points for all those who died back there it seems, as you basically convince them to fight." Nti Anem said.

"But, were they not already going to fight?" she asked.

"You conducted the battle; the fight they are fighting is basically on your instructions. I am going to assume trickery is allowed here." He said.

"Trickery? They wanted to fight. I only showed them the way." she said with indignation.

They walked for quite a while till the sun started to go down, only then did sit around large tree roots. Nti Anem snapped his finger and a ball of fire appeared at their middle, suspended in thin air.

"Oh? So this is the power of an energy manipulator?" a voice said, startling only Ku Jian. She turned around to find Baskii walk into the light.

"Ya, Old man! Don't appear like that!" she scolded and he laughed slightly.

"I understand the energy manipulator knowing I was around, but why do yo

the top of the tower in one hour. Kill you way to the top then." he said and the scene around them warped and they found themselves each at the bottom of three staircases suspended in a void room. The stairs glowed slightly, allowing Ed and the rest to notice that there were others on it at different steps. Just when Ku Jian opened her mouth to ask those around them where they are, a voice sounded from out of the void.

"An observer, a blood queen and a rankless arrive! The tower declares they participate in a slaughter battle. They against you all." The voice said and the three immediately felt a wave of blood thirsty glares descend upon them. On Ed's stair case, a man stood staring him down as though to eat him whole, the thirst for blood in his eyes more personal than all the rest.

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