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   Chapter 124 Killing their way to the top (1)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3459

Updated: 2019-11-20 05:20

It was as though now, they had gotten permission to move up the tower, the next set of stairs appeared on their own. Ed only paused for a moment, and the next second Ku Jian was running out the door. He did not bother to glance at her, as he started unto the next level.

This time, there was no continuing flight of stairs after the first one. They immediately found themselves facing a dead end. They looked back and found nothing behind them.

"Get your slot cards.." a bored voice said and they found a boy almost asleep with a bell in his hands. He rang a few times as his head drooped.

"What floor is this?" Nti Anem asked.

The boy looked up at those who were walking before him and froze.

"The.. there is no floor in this level." he said and Nti Anem frowned.

"There is no level from the fourth floor. We are on the second floor." he said and the boy shivered under his cold stare.

"This is the fourth floor." the boy answered. At this, Nti Anem nodded...

"Ah.. that old thing must have learned his lesson and

d it was because of his inability to see colour in this world, but was told otherwise by the boy, who had seen him stare at his card and thought to explain.

"You are a rankless. Your card is black. I do not know how this will work inside the level, but the tower will know how to handle you." he said and Nti Anem raise a brow.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You will know when you step in. This level is not like those below." the boy said, "Oh and be careful, time is odd there." At this, Nti Anem and the rest walked past him and stepped though a large door way.

As though they had torn through a veil, they immediately found themselves in the middle of a battle stand off.

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