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   Chapter 123 Bloody first level

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5838

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It needed no saying that the gas erupted into flames shooting at Ed's form. He could still see Ed's form as he moved, causing him to follow with his fire.

"Idiot!" one of the fighters said. He could see the fire following Ed's shadow but not quite reaching him move fast round the table. Only two people were fast enough to activate a shield in time. Still, they barely made it, as the fire still grazed them as it swiftly charred the other fighters to death.

It seemed that at that moment, Ephiom discovered that Ed had moved slow enough for him to see on purpose, helping him kill off the other opponents. At this, he seized his attack. What of he kills every one till he is left to face this devil alone?

"To fast!" the audience could barely see what was happening. Before they knew it, Ehiom's fire had chared the fighters.

"what is he doing?"

"he must have panicked. That rankless is fast!" another said.

"he hurt lady Fu!"

"her beautiful skin has been seared." many mourned for Lady Fu's skin. She, on the other hand was too scared for her life to worry about her skin. This rankless was dangerous! Till now, she could tell he moved that fast on pure physical strength! When he had slapped Hammer head back in the trajectory of the arrow, she saw that his movement was very casual. Yet... the power in that casual move.

"Are you a cultivator? Fight with your energy, then!" she challenged Ed. She hoped to provoke him to use martial skill instead of physical strength. Cultivators had great physical strength. But they never bother to train it as they are too busy cultivating. She did not believe that someone with this amount of physical strength still excelled in fighting with martial skills.

But did she really th

inside to stand.

Ku Jian had run out into the audience and saw Ed's leaving form. He threw her a glance and she smiled, "you go, I will be right behind you." she said and Ed walked out of the fifth floor without looking back. Nti Anem on the other hand was very suspicious of her smile. He gave her a deep look before following Ed out. The floor only regained it's rowdy nature when Ed stepped out the door. Many released breaths they did not know they were holding. Someone so powerful, they were careful not to breathe.

Ku Jian looked at the crowd the moment Ed was out the door with a cold smile. No one was sure what happened the next second. She had waved her hand in the air and a dark thorny branch appear. The next second, screams tore through the hall as it had expanded, peircing theorugh all in the room. The amount of blood that spilled that moment, one could almost see red in this black and white world.

When done, the thorny branch retunred to palm size and the curator and other below stepped out to the bloody scene, just to see Ku Jian put it away and step out of the fifth floor, her dress clean, the choking scent of blood left behind.

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