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   Chapter 122 Clearing the table (5)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4618

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Many seemed awestruck by the beauty turned market woman, while others that knew she was with Ed's team could not help their twitching brows. Nti Anem was no different. It did not help that many broke out of their daze and rushed over to make bets.

"Ho Ho..." she continued to laugh as she collected the bets made.

"I bet his skull will be crushed from one swing of Hammer's head's hammer."

"Lady, I bet he will loose an arm."

"He will be split right in the middle!"

"His blood will flow enough to fill a bucket!"

The bets were getting more outrageous, as they all waved pouches of spirit stones in Ku Jian's face.

"Ho ho... anyone for gouged eyes?" she said, collecting money from here and there with just a wave of her hand.

"Here, here! Gouged eyes!" someone betted.

The commotion in the audience angered the usual betting bosses, causing them to pry their way through the crowd till they got to Ku Jian.

"Girl. How dare you start a betting stand without our permission?" a large man bellowed, saliva splashing every where.

"Ho ho? You wish to hold the bets yourself?" Ku Jian covered her mouth with her long sleeves as she laughed animatedly. Nti Anem sighed inwardly at the situation. One look and anyone could tell this Ho ho laugh of hers was a comical act. Who was she pretending to be right now?

"This is our territory!" the large man spat.

is side, causing him to spit blood, pushing him back towards the coming arrow. He felt as though his organs melted under the split second touch of that weight. But before he could process what happened, the arrow had pierced through his heart to the other side.

Ed had not stopped, as he caught the whip flying through the air and swung, the wild girl suddenly found herself thrown across the table.

Only few could catch the way Ed moved. Still, it was only a shadow in their eyes. Nevertheless, this was enough. Two of them revealed their martial skill. Ephiom threw a doll into the air and it grew twenty feet and landed before him, just in time to block Ed's incoming figure. The doll opened it's mouth and released a clear gas towards Ed. Ephiom then jumped into the air as he rotated the energy in his core to keep up with Ed's speed and slapped the twenty feet, fifty pound hay doll and bellowed, "Mud fire!"

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