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   Chapter 121 Clearing the table (4)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4672

Updated: 2019-11-20 05:15

Ed stepped out and was met with the stern face of a bald referee.

"Step onto the table." the referee said and Ed frowned slightly for a second. He looked to the stage the referee was pointing and wondered why he was calling it a table. Nevertheless, he did as asked.

He immediately felt the feasting eyes of the crowd upon him. Many were gauging his cultivation, others did not wish to miss a thing so as to make good bets. When they saw his face was new to them, some sighed.

"A newcomer?"

"No need to bet. One knows how dangerous it is to bet in a newcomer's fight." another said and many nodded in agreement.

"The challenger is here. Plate, announce the opponent!" the referee said to no one in particular. But one could see him looking towards the bronze plate and the looking away with disinterest, only to look back in shock. He was not the only one. The entire crowd went silent for a second, as ten names appeared on the plate under Ed.

"What?" many exclaimed.

"This list of ten names is all over the place."

"It is obvious that this is a newcomer. He is not on the top ten ranking, how can this be done?" someone asked.

"Look at the list. Bold letters. This was picked by the tower." another said.

"Who is this?"

"This will be an interesting fight. Look, Ephiom and Hammer head are on the list!" someone said excitedly.

"There are Ephiom is in the top ten t

two wins returns to the tower. Every one knew this.

If you lose a tower chosen fight, the tower will withdraw two wins from your score. Didn't this mean the tower wanted these people to fight this boy with all their might, even destroy him? What kind of situation is this? The tension was thick in the air. No matter what, ten people will loose this fight. It's not like one could beat him again, right? Just when the tension had reached a frightening height, the silence was broken by a melodious voice.

"Ho Ho... Step forward and make your bets. Predict hoe the newcomer will die! Do we have anyone for split in half? Any one for death by decapitation? Crushed skull! How many body part will survive? Death by choking? Do we have a death by choking? Broken legs, broken arms....." Ku Jian's voice rang out rapidly like an skilled auctioneer, her hands swinging like a vegetable seller calling for customers on a slow day.

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