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   Chapter 120 Clearing the table (3)

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The curator sneered as he slot in Ku Jian's card. Two names appeared next to hers. At this, she frowned.

"How many times can I fight in a day?" she asked. The curator could clearly see that she was not satisfied with the outcome.

"Girl, I know it's normal for people to be hot blooded, but you must not be rash." he said.

"How many times?" she asked impatiently.

"There is no limit." he answered.

"Schedule me to fight ten people. Let the tower choose." she said and the curator paused.

"Even if you want to do as him, shouldn't you have much more care for your life?" someone asked from behind them.

"Who cares? I will not be behind!" she said. Many thought she wanted to fight equal numbers as Ed because she admired him. But they did not understand that Ku Jian's greatest fear is Ed leaving her behind. She must never lag behind or he will climb the tower without her. That was a fact she was sure about.

The three took their seats and waited their turn. Ed tilted his head back and closed his eyes. He tried to feel that familiar light from before. In fact, he had always kept his attention on the light. This time though, he wished to trace where it was coming from. Sure enough, it was in the tower. But he just could not tell where.

Ku Jian stared intently at him as he did so. She watched his every move as though wanting to find out what he was thinking. Her actions were caught by

can only look at from a far.

"Your fight is up, rankless." the curator told Ed. Those that had been there before Ed frowned at this, but seeing the irritation in the curator's eyes, they refrained from complaining.

Ed got up and looked to where the curator was pointing. A young man just walked through the doorway looking tired and bloody. Behind him, tower guards were carrying a half dead woman. Seeing her covered in blood, no one cared. Their eyes only followed Ed's form walking through the door way.

"Your opponents have been informed. They should already be in the crowd. Follow the referee's instruction." the curator said and Ed passed through the doorway.

After his back disappeared from view, the fighters all scrambled out to watch his fight, to the dismay of the one who had fought last. Even Jia Lin was interested.

"Come. Let me see with my own eyes how he fights." he said and followed the excited crowd out.

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