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   Chapter 119 Clearing the table (2)

To Walk The Mist By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3768

Updated: 2019-11-20 05:12

Ed and the rest felt the eyes of the fighters pierce through them, as though trying to find who the rankless one was.

"Observator? What kind of card is this?" the curator raised a brow at Nti Anem.

"Slot it in and find out." Nti Anem answered and the curator did as said.

"Who do you wish to fight?" he asked.

"Let the tower decide." Nti Anem answered.

When he did, Nti Anem's name remained blank on the board, not paired with any other.

"Have you fought before? I have never seen this kind of situation." the curator frowned.

"There are no fights for me to fight means just that. Move on." Nti Anem said and the curator paused. But he was right. The tower had decided.

"Observator. Does this mean you are only going to just watch the games till the top level?" Ku Jian asked and Nti Anem nodded.

"Impossible! Don't make up stuff!" before the curator could rebuke Nti Anem, one of the fighters had opened his mouth.

"And if I do?" Nti Anem asked.

"I will crawl backwards!" he answered.

"Hoho... You are really full of energy. Hot blood flowing to your head! But, think about it; this tower has

an....!" Ku Jian started to scold.

"I will fight." Ed said and they all paused.

"The new ones never listen." someone said.

"How would they? They leave their homes where they are best cultivators and think they are the best outside too." another snorted.

"I would love to see his fight. I bet he would lose." Ed's disregard for their advice ticked off a lot of them.

"Fine. Take a seat and wait." the curator said.

"Put in mine!" Ku Jian said excitedly, " I want to play too!" Ku Jian said to the curator and he frowned. The fighters were already very annoyed by Ed's crew. Ku Jian taking this as a game caused even more anger.

"Who brought all these people here? Hurry up and scram from this place! Do you think this is a joke?"

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