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   Chapter 118 Clearing the table (1)

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With slot cards, the three stepped into a noisy dark hall. They manoeuvred through the cheering crowd towards the front, where they could finally see those fighting.


The platform below shook, drawing the eyes of the three to those fighting.

"An arena." Ku Jian said.

"This level of excitement can't be from the love of battle alone. There must be bets running." Nti Anem said.

"Where can I buy? I bet on brother Ed!" Ku Jian said and someone beside her scoffed.

"Newcomers, I see." the man said.

"What? My brother Ed can beat anyone." Ku Jian argued and the man laughed.

"Little girl, look up. You see that plate over there? That is the top ten ranking. To reach that state, you must be undefeated." he said. Ku Jian and the rest looked towards the bronze plate the man had mentioned and saw names.

"If they are all undefeated, how does it decide who is number one?" Nti Anem asked.

"The ranks don't mean what you think they do. No one actually wants to be number one. To leave this level, anyone at number one has to fight number two. If he is lucky and number two is in training

s him under the gaze of the waiting fighters who seemed to want to eat them raw.

"Ready to fight? Hand in your slots cards and pick a fighter from the chart." he said to Ed and the rest without looking up, pointing at the wall behind him.

The three of them stared at the tiny names on the wall all with a number attached to them, one would think is their rank. Ed idzzdid not believe hat this was the name off all on this level.

"These names are available for fights right now." the curator said as though reading his mind.

Ed and the others handed in their slot cards and the curator nodded. When his eyes caught Ed's card, he paused.

"Rankless? It has been centuries since we had seen a rankless fighter." the curator said.

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